10 hygiene rules to maintain the health of your intimate area


Underwear is a fundamental part of maintaining the health of your intimate area, from the material it is made to the way you wash it.

These are 10 golden rules that you must follow to have a healthy intimate area and avoid many trips to the gynecologist. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

1. Wear cotton underwear

Tips to maintain good hygiene in the intimate area

The vulva is a sensitive and delicate area that needs to be treated gently and cotton is the fabric par excellence. Being an absorbent and porous material, it allows your skin to breathe and prevents moisture, which reduces infections.

2. Change underwear every day

Tips to maintain good hygiene in the intimate area

It seems like a lie but there are women who do not follow this indication because there are days when there is no type of flow they consider that the clothes are still clean. This is a big NO! It is even valid to change it more than once a day depending on your flow or if you have an infection.

3. Sleep outdoors

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If you are in good health you can skip this tip since it will not make any difference if you sleep or not with underwear, it is more of a personal preference. On the other hand, if you have an infection, you can also choose to sleep without panties so that moisture does not accumulate.

4. Choose the right panties for your exercise routine

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If you are a girl fitness You need clothes that absorb sweat, allow your skin to breathe, do not squeeze you and are soft to contact with your body, because with so much movement during exercise it is normal to rub a little.

5. Say goodbye to the myth of thongs

Tips to maintain good hygiene in the intimate area

We have always assumed that thongs are bad for our health, but studies revealed that this type of clothing does not really affect the pH, the microclimate of the skin or the vaginal flora.

6. Wash your clothes with hypoallergenic soap

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Any scented soap can irritate your skin when bathing, the same thing happens when you wash your panties, since they are in contact with the most sensitive skin on your body and washing them with the wrong soap can cause irritation, itching and allergic reactions.

7. Do not mix it with other clothes

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If you have a relative or Roommate With infection, it is best to wash your underwear separately to avoid contagion. Even if your blouses or pants have been in contact with some kind of body fluid (vomit, urine, blood, etc.), you should still put different loads in the washing machine.

8. Buy new underwear every year

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It may seem excessive and expensive, but according to a study clean underwear stores thousands of bacteria that, ironically, get to it thanks to the washing machine. So it is also important that you regularly wash your appliance with a mixture of hot water and chlorine.

9. Don’t let it dry in the shower

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Many women wash their panties In the shower and leave them to dry right there, this practice increases the risk of contracting vaginal yeast infections or yeast infections due to excess humidity in the bathroom. It is best to dry it in the sun, but if you are going to let it dry inside the house spread it out well and make sure there is enough ventilation in the room.

10. Your underwear affects your mood

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Don’t underestimate the power that underwear has on your mind just because no one can see it. A study published in the journal ShopSmart In 2011, she assured that 47 percent of women feel sexy and confident when they wear pretty panties. Up that encourage!

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