10 Routines to jump rope and get fit in a fun way


Jumping rope is no longer just child’s play. With this cardiovascular exercise you can quickly lose weight and it has great benefits such as helping you to be faster, tone your body, benefit your concentration, in addition to giving you muscular endurance, improving your cardiorespiratory capacity, and it is very fun!

What are you waiting to put on your tennis shoes and start jumping? You will love these routines.

First of all learn to jump rope

Another option to start

1. Cardio routine with varied exercises

2. Routine of mixed earrings

3. Complete training

4. 30 minute routine to get those legs on fire

5. Challenge yourself with 40 minutes

6. Burn 500 calories in 20 minutes

7. Steel abdomen

8. Get fit in just 15 minutes

9. Four minutes of pure power

10. Challenges of one hundred daily jumps

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