10 Tips to control, decrease and clean your clothes from excessive sweating


We know that sweating is a natural function of the body, but it is still annoying especially for those who suffer from excessive sweating – also called hyperhidrosis It is not normal because, regardless of whether it is hot or cold, even if you have a single garment or a thousand layers you will always end up with a very strong smell and stained clothes due to perspiration.

If you suffer from excessive sweating, the first thing you should do is visit a health professional to help you with the problem. Meanwhile, here we can give you some tips so you can control, decrease and even clean your clothes from sweat.

1. It is always good to change deodorant

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If you’re constantly staining your clothes with sweat, this is a good time to try a new antiperspirant. You can try those who are in spray and apply them to 20 centimeters from your skin to avoid residues that could stain clothes.

2. Natural remedies are better

Girl touching her armpits

It is also a good option for your skin, since some commercial products contain enough chemicals that generate allergic reactions or spots on it. A good option is to use baking soda: in addition to helping you control sweating, it will also lighten your armpits if you suffer from this problem.

3. Antiperspirant patches work quite well

Girl wearing an anti sweat patch

These kinds of pads that stick to clothing prevent sweat from staining it, and also help control sweating and prevent it from spreading.

4. If you can’t find patches, try feminine towels

Girl with female towel under armpits

Yes, believe it or not, some girls use this basic and inexpensive version. They have the same function as patches and are just as effective; after all, the towels are made to absorb large amounts of liquid, so they can handle all the sweat of the day.

5. Choose cotton garments before lycra garments

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This material is one of the most resistant, it also allows the skin to breathe freely, it retains less odors and the best thing is that it does not adhere to sweat. In case a stain appears, rest assured that it will not be noticed.

6. Diet is very important

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When you suffer from hyperhidrosis you have to consume certain foods, since there are some that cause greater perspiration. Saturated fats, alcohol and spicy are the main triggers; In addition, due to these foods, sweat acquires a more intense and sometimes even unbearable smell. Visit a health professional for more information on the diet to follow.

7. Reduce stress

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Stress, nerves, and situations that can upset you cause your body to sweat; However, when it comes to excess it is because hormones and adrenaline work twice as hard, even causing sweating to become more attractive to odor causing bacteria. You should avoid undergoing episodes that cause stress, wear cool clothes that allow your skin to breathe and above all keep your body hydrated, because if it lacks a little water it will perspire more to regulate its temperature.

8. Get a hormonal profile test

Girl visiting the doctor

If you do not stop perspiring then it is a sign that something is happening to your body. Hyperhidrosis can be the consequence of hyperthyroidism, which can carry more diseases.

9. Bathe more regularly

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Controlling sweat requires more than just products and home remedies. Keeping your body clean and dry is essential to reduce sweat and bad odor. It is advisable to bathe, or at least clean your armpits, at least once or twice a day to keep sweat in check. Buy baby wipes to clean yourself if you can’t take a shower.

10. Visit a doctor

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If your sweating worries you, your doctor will be able to guide you and give you a correct diagnosis about what is happening to you. He will also be in charge of giving you the appropriate treatment to solve your problem. Do not let more time pass, remember that your health comes first.

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