11 Excellent arm routines to beat your boyfriend in the ‘little arms’


Women regularly seek to improve the appearance of their legs and butt, and do not pay much attention to the upper body, which includes arms, pecs and back. Perhaps it is from the belief that the body will begin to take a “masculine” form, but take off that fear!

The only way to get to that level is with a very strict routine and diet. Exercising your arms two or three times a week won’t leave you looking like the Hulk himself; on the contrary, it will help you eliminate sagging.

Look at these excellent routines that you can do in the comfort of your home and with which you will get firmer and stronger arms.

1. Excellent to eliminate the ‘rolls’

2. Get firmer arms and bust

3. Works without weight to eliminate fat

4. Lightweight, ideal for beginners

5. Exercise with your own weight

6. Get the most out of leagues

7. Work your shoulders and triceps with a ball.

8. Challenge yourself with a chair

9. As a couple it’s more fun

10. An excellent routine to build muscle

11. For more advanced girls

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