11 natural and quick tricks to combat armpit odor


The body has more than two million sweat glands that cool it down with sweat on the skin. However, it is rich organic matter for the reproduction of bacteria, which are the cause of bad odor in armpits.

In addition to recommending you use deodorant or antiperspirants (especially stick or gel), adequate hygiene and the use of cotton clothing that allows your skin to breathe, in Ok girls We give you some natural remedies to control and prevent bad odor in armpits.

1. A few drops of lemon

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To help your body get rid of the accumulated sweat and the deodorant that has been left in your pores, clean your skin with lemon.

Every morning, before bathing, run half a lemon through your armpits. From the first day you will feel how the skin is much cleaner.

2. Baking soda

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Take a little with your finger and apply it directly to your armpits. Let it soak up and then use your deodorant regularly.

3. Use deodorant crystal

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Made from alum stone, it has been used to control odors since ancient times, but it fell out of use due to current chemical deodorants.

To apply it you have to moisten it a little, then put it directly on your skin and let it dry. Does not cause irritation or greasy feeling.

4. Enjoy a tea

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Drink a cup of sage tea every day, this reduces the activity of the sweat glands.

5. Create your own anti-sweat cream

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Applying a handful of fresh sage leaves mixed with tomato juice to your armpits will be as effective as a commercial deodorant.

6. Feel nature on your skin

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Wet your armpits with a mixture of willow bark and borax tea.

7. Use your rice powder

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Powder your armpits clean and dry with cornstarch or rice powder.

8. A smooth but effective paste

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Wash your armpits with the mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda and the juice of one lemon.

9. Give them a touch of softness

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Apply a few drops of tea tree oil to your armpits. This oil kills the bacteria that produce the bad smell.

10. Do not use ordinary water

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Wash your armpits with the liquid of a squeezed lettuce or with apple cider vinegar, using gauze.

11. Create your own talc

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After bathing, mix talc and baking soda (in equal amounts) and apply it to your armpits once you dry.

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