12 Tips to make your shoes last a long time


Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are women’s best friends, but perhaps shoes bring us more joy than diamonds because they are capable of highlighting any Look, They stylize our body, and there are them for all tastes and occasions.

If you want to get the most out of your footwear, make it last longer and keep it looking like new, these 12 tips will save you from having to throw them away prematurely.

1. Preserve the banana peels

Tips to make the shoes look like new; banana peel, black platform ankle boots

If you do not have ointment and you need to bowling your shoes, a banana peel will get you out of trouble. Rub the pulp and clean the remains with a lint-free napkin or piece of cloth.

2. Erase your mistakes and stains

Tips to make the shoes look like new; eraser, white low top sneakers

If your white sneakers don’t last clean long, use an eraser. Yes, the same ones you use to correct your school notes! Keep in mind that you will need to be patient, since the stains do not come out the first time.

3. Have a nail file on hand

Tips to make the shoes look like new; nail file, brown suede ankle boots for the cold

If you already tried the damp cloth technique to clean your suede shoes and the only thing that happened was that they were full of lint, we recommend you try a nail file. Rub gently until the dirt disappears.

4. Patent leather so clean it will look like a mirror

Tips to make the shoes look like new; natural glass cleaner, silver ankle boots

The worst thing that can happen to our favorite patent leather sneakers is that they get scratched, but there is a solution to this disaster! Spray some glass cleaning liquid and rub with a clean cloth. They will be shiny!

5. Vaseline will be your best friend

Tips to make the shoes look like new; Vaseline, Dr. Martens White Boots

To conceal the wear of the surfaces, smear petroleum jelly with the help of a cotton swab. You can smear leather shoes more to make them shiny and hydrated.

6. That your long boots do not lose shape

Tips to make the shoes look like new; woman reading newspaper, wine red suede long over the knee boots

We all love long boots, but the problem is that when they stay in the closet too long they lose their shape and firmness. To combat this you just have to put rolled newspaper on your leg every time you save them.

7. No longer struggle with closure

Tips to make the shoes look like new; candle wax, black ankle boots with zipper

If the closure of your booties gets stuck every now and then you can resort to coconut oil, lip balm, petroleum jelly or candle wax. Any of these ingredients will help the closure to slide easily.

8. Vinegar, the true multipurpose potion

Tips to make the shoes look like new; natural lemon vinegar, wine red leather ankle boots and square heel

The vinegar is used to stain, remove odors and disinfect, but also to make your shoes look impeccable. Get rid of the ugly white salt stains with a mixture of vinegar and water, gently carving with a toothbrush you no longer use.

9. Band-Aids Will Relieve Your Pain

Tips to make the shoes look like new; Band-Aids, Gray Stiletto Bowls

The trick of the band-aid in the heel or ankle is ancient but super-efficient to combat the pain caused by the stiffness and sharpness of new footwear.

10. Shoes in the freezer? Yes!


If you do not want to stop putting on your favorite shoes but they squeeze you, you just have to put water in two bags, tie a knot, put them on the tips of the shoes and put them in the freezer all day. The secret is that the frozen water expands.

11. Heat works too

Tips to make the shoes look like new; black ankle boots, pink hair dryer

Put on those plush socks that you keep in your drawer and then put on those shoes that squeeze you. Then apply hot air for a few minutes and you will see them gradually loosen.

12. Goodbye to the bad smell!

Tips to make the shoes look like new; orange and yellow sandals

The first thing is to take care of the health of your feet to avoid the bad aroma from the beginning, but even so sometimes it is inevitable that our shoes give off a little smell, especially after wearing it all day. For these cases, use vinegar.

If they are tennis, soak them in a mixture of two cups of vinegar for every two liters of water, but if it is heels or ankle boots that you cannot get wet, spray them with a spray bottle.

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