12 ways to leave your ex behind and get over it once and for all


Love, aaah love! That wonderful thing that leaves us devastated when it’s over. Not only do we not have the energy to do even the smallest activities, we don’t want to! Sadness hits us hard and it seems that the only way we can get out of bed is for our ex to come back.

DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! It may seem like your sadness has no end, but there are certain things you can do to improve your situation and emerge triumphant from a love breakup. Just be strong, value yourself a lot and surround yourself with your best friends.

1. Do not torture yourself with social networks

Girl at the computer

You have two options: eliminate it or outright block it, but as women we are experts in the ancient art of deception, it is better to block it because if you only eliminate it you will spend it reviewing what it does. Make heart guts and do not make false profiles or ask your friends to spy on you.

2. It’s better if you take a break from social media

Angry girl

Disconnect completely to avoid temptations. Don’t just close your accounts, uninstall the apps! Besides that it will serve to avoid spying on it, it is best that you go out and get distracted. Life is not on the cell phone.

3. “Let’s stay friends”

Couple holding hands

As much as you want to continue frequenting your ex because there is a genuine affection, NEVER say this phrase. You will not let me lie: we use it to not detach ourselves completely but in the end we get more wounds because every time he treats you as a friend you will die for being something else. And there is also the other side of the coin: if you broke your heart it is better to cut ties. Why do you want to be friends with someone who hurt you?

4. NOTHING drunk messages

Girl talking on the phone

It is perfect that you want to go out and have fun since you will need to distract yourself with your friends, but DO NOT SEND DRUNK MESSAGES! In that state everything becomes very easy for you and you don’t think clearly. There are two: if he does not answer you, you will be left with tears; and if he answers you, you will have vain illusions. It is better that you ask your friends to keep your cell phone and not give it to you for anything in the world. You will appreciate it.

5. Take baths with hot water

Girl relaxing

It sounds very funny, but you would be surprised at what a good dip can do for you and your emotions. Every time you feel desperate and anxious to look for it or very sad and overwhelmed by the memories, turn on the hot water tap and let the negativity wash away.

6. Crying is good

Woman crying

Don’t minimize your feelings by forcing yourself to smile and be happy all the time, because crying is good and it’s okay. It is not a sign of weakness, it takes courage to accept your feelings. As María Félix said: “a man must cry for three days and the fourth you wear heels and new clothes”.

7. Turn your negative energy into positive

Girl exercising

There are breaks that instead of leaving you wanting to get out of bed leave you with great anger, you need to get it out and you do not know how to do it in a positive way. The least you need is to be calm, go sign up for kickboxing, karate classes, go for a run, GET ACTIVATED! In addition to being able to vent, your body will thank you.

8. It is forbidden to be locked in your room

Girl eating chocolates in bed

Although it may seem cliché to you, the fresh air really gives you a new perspective, seeing trees, people, feeling the wind, the rain, seeing the lights at night … When you stay in your room your vision is limited to four walls that will make you feel No Exit. You don’t need to take a long trip (although if you can, well, what better!), Just try to get out at least two hours a day.

9. Drop and then slow down


There are girls who when they end a relationship the first thing they want to do is go out to the club with their friends and that is perfect. If you like to go out dancing, dance; If you like being around people, surround yourself with people. But then lower the intensity, focus on yourself and only you. What do you like to do for yourself? What are your dreams?

10. Don’t plan how to get it back

Girl planning something

Understand that your life does not revolve around him and that you do not need someone to feel complete. If your ex wanted to leave your life it is for something, so leave it. It is preferable that you think of yourself, plan your life with yourself.

11. Write love letters

Girl writing a letter

One of the things that can lead you to look for your ex is wanting to tell him everything you couldn’t at the time; you could not close cycles. I have good news for you: you don’t need it to end it, because your feelings have little to do with him and a lot with you. So writing letters is a good idea, but DO NOT send them. Break them after reading them.

12. He would not exist


And that, my friend, is what I call closure.

Don’t let him blame you because the relationship didn’t work, but most of all don’t blame yourself. It is very common to think about the things that you did not do and that “would have” taken a different direction to the situation, but understand that relationships are two, so if things did not happen the problem was not you: it was both of you.

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