12 YouTube channels to motivate you to exercise at home


Without a doubt, one of the excuses that we most often use to avoid going to the gym or not doing any type of exercise is the lack of time, but right now that is what we have more than, and what better way to use it than doing the exercise that we missed so much, but for which we never had a little time available.

And since it is normal not to know what type of exercises to do, we share some YouTube accounts where you can find videos of Pilates and yoga classes that will help you improve your physical condition and even create a new habit.

1. We are Gaia

This channel offers you a wide variety of videos, you can practice Pilates, yoga or meditation, and it also has activities for children.

2. walk at home

Perfect for those people who want to exercise but really don’t have time to go to a gym. You will fall in love, because in addition to not needing appliances there are very short routines.

3. Vitonic

Not only does he talk and teach you about exercise, but he also gives you tips on food and health. Her exercises are easy to do and you can do them with things you have at home.

4. Uncomo Sports

It is a channel directed by a professional Pilates teacher, who shows you how to avoid injuries. It has complete beginner classes and self defense videos.

5. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene has yoga videos that will help you wake up, improve postures, relax, let go of anxiety, and before bed you can follow what you think is most convenient for you and share it with your friends or your mom.

6. Virtual gym

The vibes and energy that Patry Jordan transmits will help you keep your spirits and you will wonder why I didn’t start doing this earlier? Her exercise routines range from buttock augmentation, to abdomen, she provides recipes and even some podcasts.

7. Breathe Pilates

This channel inspires you to start your day in the best way and is doing a little exercise to feel better throughout the day.

8. Elena Malova

Elena’s channel provides videos for you to start practicing yoga or continue doing it at more advanced levels. In addition, it also has guided meditation sessions and some other routines that will be useful to you.

9. María Plaza Carrasco

María Plaza Carrasco is a Spanish woman who wanted to share a series of exercises for this quarantine on YouTube, and baptized them as #Cuarentenalates. So you know, follow her and get active with her.

10. Amaia Fit

Amaiafit has a large catalog of circuits to perform, in addition they are simple and it even teaches you how to do them with a chair or garters for exercise.

11. Pilates with Lorena

Lorena has tips and exercises to improve and increase your physical strength, in addition to improving your health through exercise.

12. Pilates & Co.

Pilates & Co. has a series of exercises on the mat for a whole month, so then you don’t have to worry about investigating what exercises you will do tomorrow.

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