13 Routines you can do at home in the absence of a gym


Lying on the couch doesn’t have to be your first option to quarantine. Now, less than ever, you can complain that “the gym is not open”, since the internet is a world of possibilities and on platforms like YouTube you will find endless excellent routines to keep you exercising.

Check out some options that will get you in shape quickly.

1. More shapely legs with Patry Jordán

The queen of home exercise gives us the opportunity to download her monthly calendars, all completely free. There are no excuses!

2. Strong arms with Ale Estefanía

This girl with competition experience fitness He gives us his best advice to have that body that we want so much.

3. A smaller waist with Natalia’s routines

With short but efficient routines, Natalia leads us by the hand to have a wasp waist.

4. Steel abdomen with Rebeca Rubio

Rebeca Rubio has extensive experience in personal training and healthy eating; not for nothing has an enviable body. In its channel you can also find recipes, tips to gain muscle mass and make various menus.

5. To the rhythm of the music with Madfit

Maddie Lymburner knows that there is nothing better than training to the rhythm of the music, that is why she creates routines to make you sweat more with the hits musicals of the moment.

6. If dancing is your thing, nothing better than this cardio

PopSugar Fitness It is directed by Anna Renderer, who has trained many celebrities in Hollywood. In each video, your guests invite you to bring out the best version of yourself. Here you will never lack spirits or good vibes.

7. A good time to start in the world of yoga

If you have always wanted to enter the world of yoga and meditation, this is your opportunity, when Elena shows you step by step how you should do it.

8. Susana Yábar brings us HIIT routines for the most daring

High-intensity interval cardio (or HIIT) consists of combining moments of peak cardiorespiratory demand with short breaks between sets, something that may seem almost deadly to first-time users.

Susana Yábar’s routines will surely give you very good results in a short time.

9. Do you want to take advantage of your resistance leagues?

Learn how to use the resistance leagues you have at home, and if you don’t have them you can get them at a very affordable price in any supermarket; you don’t know how much they help.

10. Full Body Routine with Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines has years in the world fitness And she has managed to get hundreds of women to their ideal weight with her training plan. It also has free videos with complete routines to get you started today.

11. To exercise as a couple

Sergio Peinado is a virtual coach with a charisma and humor so contagious that it is impossible not to feel motivated. He has recently uploaded videos with his girlfriend that are ideal for you to exercise with your partner.

12. To dust off that bike where you hang your clothes

That bike you have forgotten in a corner needs a second chance, and Gia’s routines are perfect for that.

13. Would you like to learn how to do twerking?

Sally is a professional dancer from twerking or “undulation”, and it shows you how to dance very sensual so you can exercise your legs and waist. Take a look at their videos and learn a new dance style.

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