13 Tips for your succulents to grow big and beautiful


Whether due to their texture, colors or shape, succulents are the favorite plants on Instagram and in our garden, since they require minimal care to survive.

But if you want to take more care of them, keep their color to the maximum and make them grow as big as in your dreams to create your own Eden at home, then follow these 13 tips to achieve it. Your succulents will be the envy of your aunts.

1. They need little water

Hanging succulents in white pots

Water them every three to four days.

2. Prevents the appearance of fungi

Small colorful succulents in a heart pot

Do not let your plants waterlogging, place them in pots with small holes and in the fall and winter season, water only every 15 days.

3. Change them pot

Colorful Mini Succulents in a Hand Pot

Make sure to change your plants to a larger pot every so often so they will continue to grow as big as you allow them. It is very important that you do this only in hot season.

4. That they do not lose their color

Succulent with red petals in white ceramic pot

Succulents in low light lose their color and their stems are weaker. Try to place them in an area where they receive sun but not directly or they could dry out.

5. Receive your flowers

Heart-shaped minisucculents inside a cell phone

A healthy succulent should flower once a year. If this doesn’t happen, you may not be getting enough light.

6. Take care of every detail

Yellow succulent inside a ceramic pot

Succulents should not be planted in common soil. The ideal is to use organic substrate and you can get it in garden stores.

7. Help them grow

Succulents in the shape of roses with white and blue lines

Succulents also need compost to grow properly, apply in spring or summer to aid flowering as well.

8. Clean its branches

Face shaped pot with hanging succulents

It is normal for the leaves to fall off, since it changes its leaves like other plants, you just have to tear them off carefully.

9. Create your own garden

Pastel colored pots inside a coffee cup

For more succulents, remove a healthy leaf and let it dry for three days. Then place it in organic substrate and water every other day until it has roots.

10. Check their movements

Small succulent plants in white cups

If your plant stretches a lot and appears to be growing upward, it may stretch to look for the sun’s rays. Move it out of place to prevent it from continuing to do so and that it can grow properly.

11. Water it carefully

Succulent in black color inside a pot with white stones

If the water in your house has a large amount of scale or salt, it will cause the succulent to not grow, look for purified water to water it.

12. Take care of the roots to the ends

Pink succulents inside black pots

If your succulent has burned ends it is because it receives excess sun or they have been burned by the cold, try to keep it in a warm place.

13. Do not place them on plates

Miniature Succulent Plants Cups

Avoid putting a plate under your pots, as this could cause fungi and their roots to rot.

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