14 beauty tips that your wallet will appreciate; you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good


If you are one of the women who do not need makeup or do not like to use it, you do not know how lucky you are and how much money you have saved! And it is that with the high prices that handle the marks, the makeup instead of being a taste has become a luxury.

But don’t despair! It is possible to save a few dollars without having to sacrifice the quality of your makeup. It’s all a matter of being cunning.

1. The first thing is to review what you already have

Tips to save money on makeup

Many times women get into the spirit of compulsive shopping only to get home and realize that we already have that cherry lipstick three times. Before going shopping, check what you have in your cosmetic bag.

2. Buy with a cool head

Tips to save money on makeup

When you see a fabulous product, the only thing you can think is: “I WANT IT, I NEED IT AND I DESERVE IT!”, But it may be that this thought only responds to the fury of the moment. Go home and wait at least a day, you might realize that you didn’t even want it that much.

3. Think in the present and do not buy because “maybe later it will serve you”

Tips to save money on makeup

Cosmetics are like food – they all have an expiration date! Some last longer and others less, but even if it is a base that will last you two years, it is best that you do not buy to buy.

4. If you are already determined, try the products before buying them

Tips to save money on makeup

They say that love is born from sight and it may be, but sometimes it is not the best option. That the colors and the packaging do not dazzle you, ask for a sample to see if it suits you and if it is not a tone that suits you, as much as you love it, let it go.

5. Use every last drop of makeup

Tips to save money on makeup

If your foundation comes in a toothpaste-type container, cut it out with scissors; And if it comes in a glass container, put it in a cup of hot water to soften it.

6. If your mascara is dry, you have salvation!

Tips to save money on makeup

If your mascara is dry or clumpy and you don’t think you can use it anymore, all you need to do to make it look new is to add a few drops of olive, coconut, castor or baby oil. Just be careful not to overdo it because you would leave it very watery.

7. Don’t throw away your broken shadows

Tips to save money on makeup

How much courage it takes for our shadows or powders to break! But don’t worry, just add a little alcohol and compact with your fingers or a spoon. And so that they do not break again, you can cover them with a circular cotton.

8. There are multipurpose products

Tips to save money on makeup

The wonder of some makeup is that you can use it for more than one thing, for example: your mascara can be a liner or your lipstick can double as a blush or eyeshadow. Use your imagination!

9. Buy the most expensive mascara you can find!

Tips to save money on makeup

You are allowed to do it only once and perhaps not the most expensive, only the one with the brush that best suits the effect you want to give your eyelashes. When the product is finished, save the brush and use it with your normal 40 peso mascara. Many times the price of this product is the brush.

10. Make your own nail polish

Tips to save money on makeup

If you bought an eyeshadow that in the end did not suit you or if you have a palette with many shadows that you do not use, you can powder them and mix them with a transparent varnish.

11. Or your lip balm

Tips to save money on makeup

If you have an eyeshadow or a blush that you don’t like and don’t use anymore, crush it and mix it with petroleum jelly or coconut oil. Even if your lipstick is broken, melt it and pour it into a small container.

12. Coconut oil is the quintessential product

Tips to save money on makeup

Not only does it serve to restore hair or make masks to get a smooth skin, but you can also use it as a make-up remover. Unlike many lotions, the oil does not dry out your skin and it will also take care of your lashes.

13. Help the environment and recycle

Tips to save money on makeup

A little-known secret for many women is that there are brands that give you products in exchange for returning the packaging. MAC Cosmetics, Lush Y Kiehl’s have joined this campaign.

14. Take advantage of discounts

Tips to save money on makeup

Brands like Sephora, MAC Y Beautifull They have a section of discounts on their pages that you cannot miss, so you will have high quality products without sacrificing your fortnight.

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