15 beautiful outfits with touches of transparencies that will fascinate you


Many of us are fascinated by trying new look, as well as renovating our garments and giving an opportunity to those that many would say there is no way to use, but with which thanks to our sense of style and creativity we form suits incredible.

Such is the case of transparencies, since they are garments that at first glance you think would not look good, but with other suitable ones such as bralettes, skirts or accessories indicated end up being a boom and they fascinate us. So for a little inspiration we leave you these options, you will love them!

1. You will steal the eyes of more than one

Girl wearing short blouse with transparency skirt at the knees

2. Going to the office is not synonymous with suits boring

Girl wearing jeans and blnaco top with a bone-colored transparency ensemble

3. Tender and fresh for the summer

Girl wearing white dress with transparency on which comes out at the bottom

4. You will have all the glamor for your ideal date

Girl wearing puffy sleeved blouse with transparencies

5. You can yourself personalize your pants

Girl wearing custom jaens with transparencies

6. Ready to dance the night away?

Girl wearing short dress with transparency on the sleeve part

7. Comfortable for your daily activities

Girl wearing wearing V-neckline mini dress with transference to mid-calf and short sleeves

8. If yours is what boho this will fascinate you

Girl wearing black bralette with moons and stars transparency blouse

9. Highlight the colors and look beautiful

Girl wearing white top and transparency short sleeve crop top

10. If you love litmus touches this is beautiful

Girl wearing black top with litmus colored transparency blouse

11. Although there are also light tones

Girl wearing pink top and pink tone transparency blouse

12. Opt for unique clothing

Girl wearing denim base jacket and transparencies on the back

13. The ideal complement for a festival

Girl wearing short and blnaco top with long transparency ensemble

14. You will be the goddess of the night

Mini dress with transparency to the feet

15. Look different and with all the attitude

Girl wearing transparency pants.

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