15 easy hairstyles you can do in a few minutes


A attire Relaxed, a little perfume and especially a nice hairstyle can change the course of your day completely. Maybe you think that beauty is not your thing and that neither makeup nor hairstyle works well for you, but you don’t need to make it perfect! You just have to practice and feel pretty.

There are many hairstyles that you can do in a short time, you just need the right accessories to make it look a little more elaborate. Check out these ideas to look beautiful and groomed every day.

1. Make a wavelet with braids on top

Blonde girl with braids on top of her head and loose wavy hair

2. Beautiful bubble braids

Long-haired blonde girl with bubble braids in white garters

3. High locks with locks are very flattering

Brunette girl looks down with disheveled high bun

4. Elegant without spending much time

Low braid hairstyle with red, white and blue scarf

5. Tousled hairstyles are the bet of the moment

Brown haired girl

6. A simple half ponytail gives you a different air

Long brown hair girl with high ponytail wearing a black scrunchie

7. Tender with bubble braids at the sides

Two-ponytail hairstyles with balloon braids

8. Braid + high collection = perfect combination

Long brown hair girl with braid and high ponytail with a srunchie

9. Mix styles with your curly hair

Brunette girl with long curly loose hair smiles

10. Make yourself some cute collected with gums

Blonde girl with two two tall chongos with scrunchies

11. One accessory makes all the difference


12. The braids in your hairstyles are super cute

Dark-haired long-haired brunette girl in a low ponytail tied with two braids and a blue scrunchie

14. A low ponytail with ribbon is adorable

Low ponytail hairstyle with volume with green ribbon

15. Add a scarf to your French braid

French braid with black and white scarf

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