15 Evidence that the bucket hat is the new basic against heat


The fisherman-style hat was one of the accessories that marked the 90s, and is back to become a staple of the spring-summer 2020 season.

Although some consider this accessory as something unsightly, the truth is that it is ideal to protect yourself from the sun’s rays with a chic, comfortable touch and that nuances with any attire that you are wearing Here we share 15 ideas of how to use it; surely you will run to buy two or three.

1. The bucket hat is back to stay!

Girl taking a selfie in front of the mirror wearing a fisherman's hat

2. It is ideal for an afternoon in the pool

Girl sitting in a beach chair wearing a leopard print bathing suit and embroidered fisherman's hat

3. Master the Street style

Girl posing for a photo in full avenue next to a wall full of drawings

4. Back to the 90s!

Girl wearing sky blue denim bucket hat and brown glasses

5. Dare to wear it with sophisticated garments

Girl wearing fisherman-style hat with navy blue tone striped pants

6. What to do match with your pants

Girl under stairs wearing checkered pants and a black fisherman's hat

7. Make it the center of attention

Girl standing in the middle of the avenue wearing denim jeans, black shirt and fisherman's hat

8. The complement of everything crop top

Girl wearing yellow crop top and yellow-colored fisherman hat

9. Wear it with your favorite tailor suit

Girl wearing beige outfit with fisherman style hat

10. For a safari style

Girl in white shorts, plaid crop top and a bucket hat

11. Master fashion like an expert

Girl in black skirt and lipstick print shirt

12. Opt for different textures

Girl in a purple fisherman's hat with stuffed animal

13. It is perfect in rainy weather

Girl in lemon green trench coat with fisherman hat

14. Add a chic touch to your Look

girl in blue hoodie with white set and fisherman hat

15. Wear it at work!

Girl with plaid jacket and black fisherman hat

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