15 eye makeup to look like a goddess


If your passion is makeup you must see these works of art, because without a doubt they are one of the best inspirations to create look new and eye-catching.

Its creator is called Diana, a girl originally from Russia and just 22 years old, who has an exceptional gift with makeup brushes and everything related to it, but what surprises us most are her creations with eye shadows.. Aren’t they fantastic?

1. A beautiful sunrise in your eyes

Eye makeup with shades of orange

2. Play with colors and create a match perfect

Eye makeup with shades of orange and green

3. Choose a attire cute and you’ll be perfect

Eye makeup with shades of yellow and black

4. Who said that the lion is the king of the cats?

Eye makeup with orange tones in the tiger style

5. Innovate and create new trends

Eye makeup with orange and white shades

6. The perfect makeup for the music festival

Eye makeup with shades of orange and black

7. Choose pastel shades with a twist sparkly

Eye makeup with shiny pastel shades

8. You will be the sensation with sparkles litmus

Eye makeup with shades of pink to purple with glitter

9. Play with apps in hologram effect

Eye make-up with rosy shades and hologram effect

10. Do you love purple? Try something like that!

Eye makeup with shades of purple and blue

11. Your eyes will look brighter and more awake

Eye makeup with lilac tones and silver pebbles

12. Live in the clouds and in pastel colors

Eye makeup with lilac and pink shades and clouds

13. The best for your inner mermaid

Aqua eye makeup

14. Bronze tones with a different touch are the best

Eye makeup with shiny bronze shades

15. Has anyone else thought of watermelons?

Green and red eye makeup

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