15 hair colors for daring girls


When it comes to hair, women are always innovating or looking for new trends to always be in fashion, from bold haircuts such as buzz cut, until achieving the perfect platinum blonde. But during this quarantine we have had to put aside our plans since most of the classrooms are closed.

Well, while we get out of this, here are some hair colors – not so usual – that you could try as soon as your trusted stylist opens its doors again.

1. Neon yellow

girls with neon yellow hair

2. Peach color

girls with peach pink colored hair

3. Lilac or pastel purple

girls with pastel purple or lilac dyed hair baby purple light purple

4. Lime green or neon green

girls with lime green or neon green colored hair

5. Pastel blue or baby blue

girls with dyed hair baby blue pastel blue

6. emerald green

girls with emerald green colored hair

7. Platinum blonde, almost white

girls with platinum blonde dyed hair

8. Bright orange or neon

girls with bright orange or neon orange colored hair bright orange

9. Intense blue

girls with deep blue colored hair bright blue bright blue

10. Pastel pink or Pink baby

girls with pastel pink or baby pink colored hair

11. Fuchsia or deep pink

girls with deep pink, bright pink or fuscia colored hair

12. Light green or mint color

girls with dyed hair in mint, light green, baby green or light green

13. Copper or deep orange tone

girls with copper colored dyed hair copper red hair

14. Total gray or in triplet

girls with gray colored hair

15. And finally, deep purple color

girls with deep purple colored hair, dark purple

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