15 ideas to turn your manicure into a vibrant rainbow


The days may be boring, but our nails will never be; There is nothing that a nice manicure does not solve. You’re sad? Manicure! Did it go wrong? Manicure! And it is not that we are superficial, it is simply a moment of relaxation where we allow our little hands that are kept busy all day.

If what you need is a lot of motivation to study or do that work report that does not let you glue your eye, then you can opt for colorful nails to give your life a lot of life Look. Life is too short not to carry the rainbow in your hands!

1. You can go for something discreet with just one colorful finger

White nails with arcoris touch

2. Or a style Tie-dye

Colorful rainbow almond nails

3. With different shades but same design

Rainbow style colorful nail polish

4. A vibrant flag on your fingers

Colorful rainbow nails

5. They can be just little dots

Colorful rainbow nails

6. in naked with a great touch of color

Colorful rainbow nails

7. Small sophisticated details

Colorful rainbow nails

8. Wear stars too, Why not?

Colorful rainbow nails

9. A small rainbow the order of the day

Colorful rainbow nails

10. A different color on each nail

Colorful rainbow nails

11. Dots of color with faces, aww!

Colorful rainbow nails

12. Don’t you love that fluorescent effect?

Colorful rainbow nails

13. With a color line

Colorful rainbow nails

14. Transparent, very original

Almond nails with clouds and rainbow color

15. in stylet with gradient

Rainbow stiletto nails

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