15 items that will make life easier for breastfeeding moms


We have heard a lot about the benefits of breast milk for babies, including protecting them from diseases, avoiding constipation, preventing obesity and reducing the risk of sudden death, but especially if you are a first-time mom, it could be a difficult time..

To facilitate your passage through this important period in your baby’s life and yours as a mother, we present you a list of 15 articles that will help you make everything easier:

1. Therapeutic protector to deflate and relieve mastitis

rubber protector to heat or cool and place on the breast

2. Maternity blouse

blouse to breastfeed without taking it off

3. Milk storage for when you work

cans to store breast milk

4. Cushion to support the baby

a woman dressed in white breastfeeds her son while he has him lying on a pink cushion with colored figures

5. Special bra to breastfeed

a woman opens the flip cover of her nursing bra a little

6. Cream to avoid cracks in the skin

Avent cream to avoid cracks in the breast from breastfeeding

7. Pads to protect clothes from dripping

reusable fabric pads to prevent staining of clothes with dripping milk

8. An elegant and practical dress

torso of a woman showing that her black dress opens so that she can breastfeed the baby

9. Bottles to alternate them

nipple-shaped baby bottles

10. Take-away milk storage bags

accessories facilitate motherhood

11. Steam-based heater

bottle warmer or baby food

12. Collar-teether that helps prolong breastfeeding

necklace with black and white stones and black cord

13. Multifunction diaper backpack

gray bag with closure, you can see shots of what it contains and the colors in which it comes

14. Natural electric breast pump

Avent breast pump

15. Herbal tea to stimulate milk production

Pink Stork tea to encourage milk production

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