15 Outfits to be the most chic teacher of online classes


If your work is at home and you teach courses right now, or you are a teacher and every morning you have an appointment with your group, you have to be presentable! Even if you don’t leave home, dressing nice and comfortable will give you a lot of energy to perform your tasks to the fullest, and believe us, others will notice your good vibe.

Here we leave you some ideas of look that you can recreate or modify with what you have at home; They are a small source of inspiration to encourage you to combine shades and layers of clothing. Rest assured that you will be the most beautiful teacher of all.

1. Wear plaid shirts for that formal touch

Long curly hair girl takes selfie in front of the mirror in thin checkered blouse with jeans

2. Nothing like black and gray to make a good balance

Short-haired girl poses with hand on head and looks down in gray pants and black sweater

3. The pants whites get along with everything

Woman with collected hair and dark glasses wears black blouse and white pants

4. The bags are not boring, here the proof …

Girl wears black jacket and sweater with white pants with black stripes

5. Fresh and ready to start the day with a total white

Girl poses with hand on waist in white blouse and pants and a brown belt bag

6. Prints are allowed as long as you combine them well


7. A jacket in a cute color will be your best accessory

Brown-haired girl with long curly hair takes a selfie in front of the mirror while wearing a military green jacket, white blouse and jeans

8. Bags and tennis? Of course it can

Auburn-haired girl with long loose hair wears dark glasses and wears light jeans, a white blouse and a light pink jacket

9. Use blouses with light materials for comfort

Girl poses in her living room with jeans, large black bag and green blouse

10. A cardigan and ones floors they should always accompany you

Girl takes selfie in front of the mirror with gray cardigan, white blouse and black pants

11. The garments beige they look good without being boring

Blonde girl in white sweater and beige pants taking a photo in front of the mirror

12. The basic tones will save you from many problems

Short-haired woman takes selfie with gray cardigan, black blouse and jeans

13. White is always a sign of organization and neatness

Blonde woman takes selfie in front of the mirror with white outfit

14. Nothing like an original complement to a basic outfit

Woman poses with hand on waist in her living room with leopard print jacket, black blouse and jeans

15. Dare to use original prints with a chic touch

Girl takes selfie in front of mirror with gray pants, black jacket and white blouse with cat print

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