15 outfits with ripped jeans to break it up at your next meeting


One of our favorite garments are Cowboys, Well, being a basic of our wardrobe, we can combine them with thousands of things for all kinds of occasions, whether formal, casual or elegant. Plus, they all look good on us.

Maybe the Cowboys Broken can be a bit intimidating to go out or go on a romantic date, but currently the hottest trends allow us to experiment. Here are 15 ways to wear them and look amazing at all times.

1. Combine them with one crop top and shirt

blonde girl with sunglasses, gray crop top, white button down shirt, ripped skinny gray jeans

2. They look amazing in a attire casual

blonde girl in long sleeve black crop top, ripped skinny jeans, white low top sneakers

3. They are perfect for hot days

light-haired girl wearing a light blue tank top, baggy ripped denim jeans, white tennis shoes and a small black bag

4. Use them on your next romantic date

brown haired girl wearing long sleeve pink crop top, skinny ripped jeans, white low top sneakers and small beige handbag

5. To go to the park with your best friends

brown haired girl wearing white top, light pink cardigan, light ripped jeans, white tennis shoes

6. They look good in an outfit sports

brown haired girl in overszied black sweatshirt, baggy ripped jeans, white sneakers with black and black bucket hat

7. Create a Sight super feminine with them

blonde girl with long sleeve knitted green top, ripped white jeans, white tennis shoes, large white leather bag

8. Wear them with a shirt Too big

brown-haired girl wearing a white crop top, loose plaid shirt, ripped flared tennis shoes, white tennis shoes and brown leather bag

9. Baggy is in fashion

blonde girl with strappy crop top, ripped baggy jeans, white tennis shoes, black small bag

10. Looks great with basic pieces

short dark hair girl wearing sunglasses, baggy white t-shirt, white tennis shoes, ripped skinny jeans, black tote bag

11. Combine them with neutral colors

light haired girl wearing beige top with coffee sleeveless, ripped baggy jeans, white low top sneakers

12. One top and knitted cardigan

dark haired girl wearing white crop top, white knitted cardigan, ripped skinny jeans, white low top sneakers

13. Give ’em a spin Elegant and elegant

light-haired girl wearing sunglasses, white tank top, ripped baggy jeans, white sandals, baggy beige blazer, beige fur bag

14. Perfect for meeting in-laws

brown haired girl wearing black crop top, long beige coat, ripped skinny jeans, white tennis shoes, black leather handbag

15. They look amazing in heels

dark haired girl in short sleeve crop top, ripped baggy jeans, black heeled sandals, black clutch bag

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