15 things you can try to survive the cold and harsh winter


In the Northern Hemisphere, winter came with cold winds, freezing rains and sometimes snowy white. The lack of sun makes it difficult to warm up, the only thing we want is to be in bed covered with blankets and never leave that warm space. But due to the real world it is impossible to live in our room and hibernate the entire cold season.

In addition, it is a time in which it is easy to contract respiratory diseases, viruses such as the flu and depressive symptoms such as seasonal affective disorder, a depression caused by the change of season. So we have looked for alternatives to hang out and generate a little heat to survive the winter without getting sick.

1. Take a hot shower

When you come home after a long day, there is nothing more beautiful than doing what makes you feel good: take a long and relaxing hot shower, then take advantage of the steam from the environment to get dressed and conserve the revitalizing heat that the bathroom gave us.

2. Consume supplements


To compensate for the lack of sunlight, vitamin D supplements can be consumed to elevate mood and strengthen our defenses against seasonal viruses.

3. Light candles

light candles

To make the atmosphere warmer, nothing like lighting a couple of candles in the study, the room or the living room.

4. Leave warm clothing in plain sight

warm clothes

In order not to forget the gloves, the hat and the scarf we can leave them in a visible place and thus always go out well sheltered on the streets.

5. Snuggle up with a friend from the animal world

snuggle with your dog

The heat of the living body is transmitted, so let’s hug our dogs or cats, nothing like putting them under the covers with us to generate heat and, above all, love.

6. Put Christmas series in the room

room with lights

Lamps, series, candles, in addition to generating light, also radiate heat, so decorating a headboard with Christmas lights will make us feel in a better mood and warm the space a bit.

7. Visit coffee shops

friends drinking coffee

Some coffee establishments have lounges and offer blankets to their clients, and they also tend to have heating. It is an excellent option to leave the house, have a cup of hot cocoa and read a good book or chat with a friend.

8. Create the ideal environment

special space

An armchair in front of the fireplace or electric heater, with a thick blanket, a couple of candles with relaxing scents, a good novel or a television series, also to accompany a steaming cup of sweetened cinnamon tea.

9. Yoga in pairs

yoga in pairs

Exercising causes blood to flow throughout our body and therefore we feel warmer. A good idea is to practice with friends or with our partner to have double fun.

10. Drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate

drink hot coffee

Simply putting your hands around a hot drink is already comforting; drinking it and feeling how the liquid warms our interior is priceless.

11. Live a movie marathon


Why not give us the opportunity to, at least, one day live in bed laughing, crying and enjoying the movies we always wanted to see, staying under many warm blankets.

12. Bake cookies

to bake

The kitchen is a space that is always hot, and baking is an opportunity to move and above all have fun. There are countless recipes on the Internet to create sugary cakes, pies or cookies. Turning on the oven will make the environment warmer.

13. Wear thermal clothing

cozy outfit

Beneath all suits there is nothing better than some leggings and thermal blouses that become armor against the cold.

14. Eat hot soups

eat hot soup

Winter is the time to eat stews with lots of vegetables and pieces of meat. Spicy food also helps.

15. Wear socks furry

fuzzy socks

These pairs of stuffed socks become the ideal companions so that the feet do not get cold; the same happens with the boot slippers, with a wool interior.

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