15 ways to combine your animal print shoes with style


We have always seen that having basics in our wardrobe will get us out of trouble … and it’s true. Nothing like black garments, a faux leather jacket, pants, white blouses and some shoes beige or black to combine with everything … But every now and then you wanted to experiment a little, right?

For those days when you want to highlight your outfit, but not in clothing but with footwear, nothing better than wild shoes Animal footprint. Many are afraid of this type of print because they think that they will look too quirky or that it will be difficult to combine, relax! The secret is to take stock of your clothes.

Check out some ideas to bring them like the queen of the jungle:

1. A wild touch for your black jacket

Blonde girl with loose hair and black outfit wears animal print shoes

2. Enhance any basic

Miranda Kerr with dark jeans, black blouse with transparencies and animal print heels

3. A fresh touch with sandals

Woman with large brown bag wears black blouse and white pants with animal print sandals

4. Casual with tennis

Girl sitting on steps wearing white sweatshirt, black pants and animal print sneakers

5. Perfect for going for a walk

Woman in white blouse, jeans and animal print shoes sitting on bench with her purse aside

6. Who said they don’t look elegant?

Girl in white blouse, black pants and animal print shoes

7. Ideal to take to the office

Long black hair girl poses in black pants, white blouse and denim jacket

8. Or for an outing with friends

Girl sitting in white dress and animal print heels

9. With intense colors they make a great pair

Woman with red jacket, black pants and sneakers in animal print

10. Never let go of brown tones

Long-haired girl sitting with camel colored jacket and animal print shoes

11. A very chic style in snake print

Blonde girl in jean jacket and black dress with ankle boots in animal print

12. For those cool afternoons

Blonde woman with short hair sitting in jeans, pink sweater and animal print ankle boots

13. The protagonists of a Look simple

Brunette girl with wavy hair and dark glasses sitting with jeans, white blouse and animal print shoes

14. High boots for those who don’t settle for floors

Blonde woman with loose short hair poses in a long black blouse with animal print long boots

15. Sexy and cute, all in one

Tall slim woman wearing dark jeans, shoulder sweater and animal print ankle boots

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