16 infallible tips to hide the ravages of a night out


We all like to go out and have fun, but what none of us enjoy are the consequences of a night out: the flying bed, the headache, nausea, dark circles, the bad smell … the blessed raw!

If you plan to go out for a drink on the weekend and want to get up to sunrise and be able to say: “Look, Mom, no hangover!”, These 16 tips will save you from the ravages caused by hangovers.

1. Drink water before partying

Tyra Banks drinking natural water, brunette girl drinking a glass of water

This will help your body stay hydrated because, in case you didn’t know, what causes a hangover is a lack of hydration.

2. Drink water during the party

Britney Spears drinking water, blonde girl drinking natural water

It is recommended to drink a liter of water during the party to recover the liquids that the beer makes you lose.

3. Drink water after the party


All this time we have underestimated the power of water in our lives, but it could save your head after a crazy night.

4. Wash your face with cold water

Mulan in the bathtub, with cold water

If you are brave, bathe with cold water, if not, only the face is fine. This will help make your skin look less red and swollen; In addition, it will wake you up in a two by three.

5. Eat an apple

Taylor Swift eating apple, blonde girl biting into a red apple

This fruit helps fight bad breath, so it will take away the undesirable raw smell.

6. Reduce eye puffiness with frozen spoons

Amelie, girl with bangs holding a spoon

While you are bathing or having breakfast, put two spoons in the freezer and when you are done doing your things, place them for 30 seconds under your eyes. The result is better if you repeat two or three times.

7. Put your mask in the refrigerator before using it

Girl wearing a mask next to a poster by Leonardo DiCaprio

Preferably use leaf mask or sheet masks that have aloe vera, as they will help you have healthy and hydrated skin.

8. The oatmeal mask works miracles

Yzma with a mask and cucumber slices on her eyes

Blend 1/2 cup of oatmeal, three tablespoons of milk and a tablespoon of honey, spread the mixture on your face and let it act for half an hour. Then rinse with cold water.

9. Use BB cream instead of base


The least you want is for your skin to appear dull and stiff, it is precisely the effect that the foundation gives. The BB creamInstead, they hydrate and give a healthy color to your face.

10. Fresh makeup to disguise

Lizzie McGuire cartoon lipstick in front of the mirror

Choose warm tones and simple makeup to reflect freshness. A good option is to apply pink or melon blush and a little highlighter.

11. Avoid strong scented perfumes

Ariana Grande and her perfume

The raw one has a strong smell that will intensify the aroma of your perfume, in addition, it will make your head hurt.

12. Mint will be your best ally

Katy Perry with pink hair making a bubble gum bomb

The aroma of mint reduces nausea. Use it not only in chewing gum or pills but when bathing. You can prevent yourself at once by buying a bottle of mint essence.

13. If you don’t have time to bathe, dry shampoo is the answer

Gwen Stefani, blonde girl putting spray on her hair

It is recommended that you bathe as this refreshes you and will take away the smell of a hangover. But if you have an emergency that requires your presence, go for dry shampoo.

14. Rose water to hydrate your skin

Pink, music video You make me sick, woman with pink hair on rose petals

Some stores sell bottled rose water, but if you prefer to make it yourself it is easy. Boil half a kilo of rose petals in a liter of distilled water, when the bubbles appear, lower the flame and cover the saucepan so that the steam does not escape. Wait 10 minutes and turn off the stove. Once it cools, pour it into a bottle.

15. Goodbye coffee, hello coconut water


One of the most famous remedies to recover from raw is coffee but being a diuretic it will make you lose liquids. Instead, coconut water is rich in electrolytes that will hydrate you.

16. Sleep with an extra pillow

Sleeping Beauty, Disney movie scene where the princess is sleeping

This will help the blood flow and your face does not wake up swollen.

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