17 accessories that you will immediately want for your hair


A beautiful way to highlight or make a change to your hair without cutting or coloring it is by using accessories. When our attire do not be amazing and our makeup has been better on other occasions, a good hairstyle with their respective accessories will save your day.

The headbands are beautiful, yes, but you can take risks with other types of proposals, especially for those special events where what you are looking for is to stand out above all others. These accessories are so cute and original that you will not be able to resist wanting to have them in your little heads right now. Go do your wish list

1. Such a crown for Queen What are you

Brunette girl with crown shaped tiara

2. Gold accessories never go out of style

Collected in chongo with golden sun clasps

3. The shine of jewelry to your hair

Collated hairstyle with stone braids and sparkling brooches

4. Pearls now more than ever are queens

Low chongo hairstyle with shiny little petrit chains

5. They give that appearance like a mermaid

Tousled tall chongo with shiny pebbles

6. You can use them on brooches

Gathered low with long pearl clasps

7. Sparkling stones for special events

Chongo alto with shiny pebbles

8. This type of chain in the pigtails

Low ponytail with chains

9. Or are you going from the ear

Girl with hair gathered in chongo and with a chain accessory that goes from the oreaj

10. They look very cold on one side

Girl with hair gathered in chongo and with chain accessory

11. Same effect with loose hair

Asian girl with hanging hair accessory

12. Like a princess

Long loose hair girl with decorative chain

13. The ‘jewels’ migrate from the catwalk to the street

Semi gathered with shiny stone brooches

14. A big and simple style

Lavender hair girl with big geometric brooch

15. How to highlight a very formal ponytail? Easy…

Polished low ponytail with pearls to the rear

16. Only for the daring

Polished low ponytail with pearls to the rear

17. The slats cry out for your attention

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