17 looks to impress your crush and leave your ex crying


Sometimes we can’t find the inspiration we need to put together the attire perfect for that romantic date, going out with your friends to the club or impressing your Special person.

If this is your case, don’t worry! Here we show you 17 different sight that you can recreate with both basic and original clothes and create a super daring, comfortable outfit that will leave your ex crying.

1. A cute crop top make a difference

blonde girl in bright green crop top, skinny jeans at the waist

2. You can look sexy and elegant at the same time

blonde girl with sunglasses, black crop top, beige dress shirt, black pants fitted at the waist and small black leather handbag

3. Try a set of the same pattern

girl with long brown hair wearing a white crop top, green miniskirt with white squares, green shirt with white squares, white sports sneakers

4. High boots go perfect with miniskirts

blonde girl in yellow top with green, leather jacket, black mini skirt, long leather boots, small black leather bag

5. Give your outfit a 90s look

blonde girl with sunglasses, long sleeve black crop top, baggy jeans at the waist, white sports sneakers

6. Look sexy without much effort

blonde girl with white crop top, long-sleeved animal print shirt, black jeans at the waist and black tennis shoes

7. Combine formal and casual clothes

short brown hair girl wearing sunglasses, brown knitted crop top, loose light brown blazer jacket, leather pants fitted at the waist

8. The ideal dress for this spring

brown-haired girl wearing a short-sleeved light blue short dress, with white polka dots, light blue bag and white tennis shoes

9. One Sight monochrome and seductive

blonde girl with sunglasses, short sleeve white crop top, white skinny jeans

10. Try a bralette tissue

blonde haired girl wearing sunglasses, knitted bright green crop top, long white gauze skirt

11. Or a top super tight to your curves

brown haired girl wearing a tight brown strappy top, tight waist jeans

12. The little white dress basic what you need

blonde girl in tight white dress with opening on the sides, small light blue leather bag

13. Try something more urban and sporty

blonde haired girl wearing sunglasses, short sleeve black crop top, flared tight black pants, white with black sneakers

14. You don’t need expensive or complicated clothes

blonde girl with sunglasses, white halter neck crop top, hip jeans

15. Mini skirts always look sexy

brown haired girl wearing long sleeve white crop top dress shirt, gray plank mini skirt, long black leather boots, black jacket

16. Dare to wear a cleavage halter

brunette girl with dark hair wearing halter neckline black bodycon dress, long sleeve black cardigan, black small bag

17. Or create one attire make it comfortable and sensual

blonde girl with sunglasses, black tank top, white button down shirt, baggy gray jeans, white and black tennis shoes, black small bag

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