19 ideas to combine outfits with pictures without looking like you’re going to school


The checkered print may seem too formal, it gives that “I am going to school, mom” vibe. For many girls it is a bit difficult to wear without looking like you just skipped a class. Fortunately we have divas like Cher Horowitz who have taught us that no matter what pattern you wear, the important thing is to know how to combine it. Her yellow suit was a revelation, and to this day we continue lighting candles.

If you want to know how to combine those plaid pants or skirts as a whole Pro And without looking bored, do not stop looking at these ideas that will help you get those clothes out of the closet without embarrassment.

Cher always so iconic

Cher Clueless yellow checkered outfit

1. Pictures with booties and suede blouse

Blonde girl looking down touching her ear and wearing gray blouse, plaid skirt and boots

2. Same idea but with a white blouse

Blonde girl with loose hair puts her hands inside the pockets of her fake gray plaid and wears a white blouse and black ankle boots

3. Feminine and tough at the same time

Girl wearing fur jacket, pink sweater and green plaid skirt

4. Round cut with a sexy touch

Plus size model poses in black off shoulder blouse and yellow plaid skirt

5. Very stylish preppy

Girl poses in black blouse and fake white with red plaid

6. Belt and booties, you don’t need more

Ruvbia woman touching her hair and posing in yellow plaid yellow outfit

7. A strong trend: basic blouse underneath

Girl takes a photo in front of the mirror in a white blouse and glued gray plaid dress

8. A monkey short always makes you look good

Girl poses with leg bent and touching her hair while wearing green plaid short jumpsuit

9. Ouch! The pictures also look sexy

Girl wearing yellow plaid set

10. Comfortable and grunge at the same time

Girl leans on fence with a blue hat, wide black blouse and green plaid pants

11. If you like a style LA Vibes, You go!

Girl adjusts her pants and wears black crop top with yellow plaid pants

12. With fun shoes to remove the boring

Curvy girl puts her hand on her waist and poses in a white cactus print blouse and green plaid pants

13. White sneakers do not fail either

Girl stretching arm while holding a backpack and wears black jacket, white blouse and white checkered pants with black

14. Formal with suit and fisherman

Woman takes selfie in front of the mirror with white blouse and jacket and black plaid pants

15. A set like this stylizes your figure a lot

Crouched girl posing in pink plaid full suit

16. Look how the sneakers and the color of the blouse take away the bland

Girl posing with sunglasses, red blouse and gray plaid pants

17. And why not? To show a little skin

Plus size model with gray box set

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