20 daring makeup to change your profile picture


Although we are all going through a very difficult situation, one of the things that we will probably miss the most — at least in my case — is going out with our friends to dance, have fun and enjoy music and their company.

Being as positive as possible, we hope that soon will be the day when “the new normal” arrives and we can go out on the weekends. While that day comes, here we leave you some incredible makeup ideas to inspire you.

1. Monochromatic shading

girl with dark complexion with monochromatic green makeup, lime colored t-shirt

2. Bright contrasting colors

girl with brightly colored makeup, neon, with black lipstick and false eyelashes

3. Fantasy lashes will make you look great

girl with makeup in warm colors with false eyelashes

4. Flame lining is trending this year

girl with makeup in red colors outlined in flames

5. Thus, as shading of Animal footprint

blonde girl with short hair with animal print makeup

6. Pastel shades are another option

girl with platinum hair wearing makeup with pastel shadows

7. You can create a version with neutrals and brightness

girl with long light brown hair wearing makeup in neutral colors

8. Dramatic lip liner and contrast

brunette girl with aqua makeup and pink fiuscia lipstick

9. Without outline and with shades of the same shade

brunette girl with chinese hair with lilac makeup

10. Rainbow shading in neon colors

purple and blue haired girl wearing rainbow makeup and orange sunglasses

11. Uneven shading is a Look quite daring

girl with makeup of two different colors, pink and blue

12. In pink and pastel colors it is more romantic

girl with green dyed hair wearing pastel pink makeup

13. With stamps on the shadow of different shapes

blonde girl with pastel color makeup and star designs

14. Use colors that contrast with your skin tone

brunette girl with long dark hair wearing brightly colored makeup in contrast to her skin tone

15. Outstanding 1960s Outline Is Back

girl with blue and pink color shades and outstanding black outlines

16. Combine Brilliantine with stickers in different ways

brunette girl with short hair wearing blue eyeshadow makeup, gold glitter and star stickers

17. You can use a single color for all the Look

blonde girl with yellow makeup in shades and lipstick of the same color

18. If shadows are not your thing, try lipstick

brunette girl with pink neon makeup

19. Don’t hesitate to use different materials

brunette girl with pink neon makeup

20. And let your imagination run wild

girl with green shading in the form of leaves

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