20 ‘Looks’ full of pastel colors to bring out your most feminine side #Alba #Mara



Pastel Clothing Trend: How to Correctly Wear Your Pastels


Pastel Color Fashion Trend



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20 ‘Outfits’ in pastel colors for your most feminine side

We show you how to wear pastel clothes this summer

The best ‘looks’ with pastel colors for the summer

After spending most of the spring locked up due to the pandemic, summer is approaching with new trends and trendy colors to fill our closet with new clothes in soft and feminine tones such as pistachio green, light blue and pastel pink.

Even if you are one of the girls that we like to dress in dark or totally black colors, we will show you different ways in which you can incorporate this new trend in your wardrobe.

1. There are various colors that you can use

brunette girl with brown chinese hair, wearing pastel blue, yellow and green tie dye print set

2. Mint green to pistachio green

curvy girl in white button down shirt, mint green pistachio culottes

3. Soft orange or orange palette

girl taking a selfie wearing a light orange or soft knitted cardigan wearing pearl and gold necklaces

4. There is also baby blue pastel blue

brown-haired girl wearing a pastel baby blue short dress in front of a mirror

5. Can be light pink

Chinese-haired brunette girl wearing a light pink sweater, jeans and is sitting on a bed

6. In lilac or pastel purple

curvy girl with short brown hair wearing a light purple sweater

7. It can be in a blouse

girl taking a selfie wearing a pistachio or mint green long sleeve top with white shorts

8. Or in a nice short dress

brunette girl with gathered chinese hair, wearing a light yellow dress with monochrome accessories and handbag of the same color

9. Also available in light prints

girl wearing a short sleeve blouse with white floral pattern and pastel pink background with a plant necklace

10. Combine one or more pastel shades

blonde girl with short hair wearing a pastel yellow cap, lilac top, light purple sweater and light yellow skirt

11. Or create a Look single color

Dark-skinned girl wearing a mint sweater, pistachio skirt and beige bag

12. It is easy to combine with black tone

blonde curvy girl wearing a light lilac blouse and black jeans

13. Start with an accessory

brown-haired girl wearing a light blue bucket hat, white short sleeve blouse and small zebra bag

14. And little by little add more clothes

dark-skinned girls in pastel blouses, one yellow and one lilac long-sleeved with white and blue jeans

15. Until all your Look be in pastel color

Dark-skinned girl wearing a light yellow top and skirt, a lilac bag with mint green and a scarf in her hair

16. Don’t forget that trust is key!

black long-haired girl wearing a blue knit top, a light blue handbag and jeans

17. Feel sure of yourself

Dark-skinned girl wearing a green and light yellow flower print blouse

18. And dare to use new styles

curvy girl with long brown hair wearing pink sunglasses, pink crop top shirt with letters in front, black pants and leather handbag

19. Let your imagination run wild

girl with purple flowers wearing a lilac top and purple satin skirt

20. And dare to use the pastel style

brunette girl wearing a light orange blouse with denim shorts and white pebble necklace

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