20 Original ideas to include a ‘Disney’ touch to your party on your wedding day


When you grow up with the stories of princesses and enchanted worlds of Disney it is normal that you like to collect objects, makeup and clothes of the wonderful characters of this film company.

If you are also a dreamy girl who wants to get married someday, you will surely like that your bridal celebration has some details inspired by your favorite stories. Below you will find couples decorations that were inspired by classic Disney films to give that touch of magic to your wedding.

1. Centerpiece of the enchanted rose of Beauty and the Beast

Wedding Centerpiece Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

2. Elle’s rings and insignia Up: an adventure of height

engagement rings and friendship medal from Up An adventure in the heights

3. A romantic style decoration Tangled

Tangled-inspired wedding decor

4. Invitations from Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Invitations

5. A magnificent cake crowned by a palace

Disney inspired castle cake

6. League of the bride of The Little mermaid

Little Mermaid Wedding Garter

7. The central corridor of the church of Cinderella

cinderella wedding trail

8. Sandwiches inspired by the poisoned apple of Snow White

snow white inspired sandwiches

9. A centerpiece inspired by the world of The Little mermaid

centerpiece inspired by the little mermaid

10. Don’t forget the Micky Mouse cufflinks for the groom

groom with cufflinks mickey mouse disney wedding inspiration

11. Minnie and Mickey toast cups

disney inspired wedding cups

12. A stylish hairstyle Snow White

snow white wedding dress

13) Hats Mouse-style party

hats of mimi and micki

14. A wedding album that compiles your adventures

Up-inspired wedding album

15. A detail that guests will appreciate

flipflops for your cinderella wedding guests

16. Centerpiece inspired by the carriage of Cinderella

cinderella centerpiece

17. Bridesmaids disguised as princesses

princess bridesmaids

18. Style invitations Snow White

snow white invitations

19. Little dolls of the cake of Wall-e and Eva

wall e cake figurines

20. Party accessories Cinderella

cinderella carriage

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