25 tiny tattoos perfect for discreet girls


To decorate your skin you don’t need to think of something big and complicated; there is beauty in the simple. Mini tattoos are perfect in many ways: they are cheap, cute, they don’t hurt as much and they are so discreet that you won’t have any problems at work or at home.

If you like simplicity or want to go safe for your first tattoo, here are 25 creative and minimalist ideas that will earn a little space in your heart and on your skin.

1. A life full of love

Small tattoos; red, orange and purple heart miniature tattoo on the arm

2. The rainbow after the storm

Small tattoos; rainbow miniature tattoo on the wrist

3. Fruit flavor

Small tattoos; fruit, strawberry and cherry miniature tattoo on the wrist

4. The boy who lived

Small tattoos; Harry Potter miniature eyeglass tattoo with lightning bolt scar on arm

5. Friends who leave their mark

Small tattoos; miniature animal print on the tragus, ear piercings

6. May the Moon always guide you

Small tattoos; blue moon miniature tattoo on thumb

7. A little fresh air

Small tattoos; landscape miniature tattoo on the arm, sun and stars

8. Subtle and very stylish

Small tattoos; miniature dotted finger

9. A heavenly touch

Small tattoos; cherub miniature tattoo on the back

10. The strength and majesty of lightning

Small tattoos; miniature tattoo of time on the arm

11. One more accessory

Small tattoos; miniature tattoo of colored lines on the ear, piercings

12. Your own garden in the skin

Small tattoos; carrot miniature tattoo on the arm

13. From here to infinity

Small tattoos; Earth and Moon miniature

14. Smile, life is short

Small tattoos; happy face miniature tattoo on finger

15. The elegance of white

Small tattoos; airplane miniature tattoo with white ink on the little finger

16. With a catarina you will always have good luck

Small tattoos; miniature catarina tattoo on the ankle

17. Be the star that shines the most

Small tattoos; miniature star tattoo on the arm

18. Give yourself your own flowers

Small tattoos; mini flower tattoo on shoulder, clavicle

19. What is the initial of that special person?

Small tattoos; behind-the-ear miniature script, piercings

20. As long as life allows us

Small tattoos; heart line miniature

21. Move to the beat of your favorite song

Small tattoos; musical notes miniature behind the ear

22. Faith moves mountains

Small tattoos; miniature fish tattoo on finger

23. Life goes on

Small tattoos; semicolon miniature behind the ear

24. With your head in space

Small tattoos; miniature tattoo of planets behind the ear

25. You are lucky

Small tattoos; clover miniature tattoo on the wrist

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