30 minute routine to have legs and glutes of infarction


A perfect butt can also be built at home, you just need a lot of discipline, dedication and with three days a week you start to notice spectacular changes.

Combining these exercises that we show you below are a pump for a heart attack buttocks; If you do them correctly you will see how they look more toned in a month, and not only the buttocks, you will also work the legs, the perfect combo! Do not forget to accompany your routine with a good diet; cut down on flours and sugar, and drink plenty of water.

1. Classic squat

Barbell squat

Perform three sets of 15 reps. Take a good look at the posture of the model, and remember to climb slowly and squeeze the muscles.

2. Lunges on stairs

Lunges on stairs

Take advantage of the steps of your house to get your dream body. Do 3 repetitions of 15 steps each.

3. Jump squat

Jump squat

Three sets of 15 repetitions each will be more than enough. Here you will also exercise your quadriceps to the maximum while doing an intense cardio.

4. Leg crossover

Leg crossover

Perform three sets of 15 reps for each leg. You will feel a slight burning that is completely natural if you do it correctly. Remember to tighten your abdomen and not lose your posture; Also, your foot should not touch the floor.

5. Side-to-side squat

Side by side squat

There are three series of 15 repetitions for each leg. Make sure you maintain the correct posture and tighten your legs and abdomen to better target those areas.

6. Back kick


Do three sets of 10 reps for each leg. It is an excellent exercise to activate the glutes and you will feel how the area burns. Leggings are a great complement to this exercise, if you have some take advantage of them to add weight and slowly lower your leg once you are wearing them.

7. The star exercise: Hip thrust or hip lift

Here you can add a little weight with a dumbbell, a jug of water, a bag of sand … and take a good look at the technique. In no time you will achieve wonderful results that everyone will envy.

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