40 pretty names for girl with meaning


One of the most important decisions that arise before becoming a mother is choosing the name that will help your child create an identity, so it is normal to feel nervous before giving him one that he will be called with throughout his life..

If you are about to be the mother of a little girl but you still have not defined what the name of your princess will be, here we leave you the most beautiful girl names and with a beautiful meaning.

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1. Vega:

Of Christian origin due to the Marian dedication of the Virgen de la Vega, venerated in many towns in Spain.

2. Lola:

Familiar form of Dolores or María Dolores, traditional Spanish name. Since 2007, she has been allowed to register as a name in Spain.

January 3:

Diminutive of Joana, Juana in Catalan.

4. Mine:

Of Hebrew origin, diminutive of Maria.

5. White:

Of Italian origin, which means “pure and brilliant woman”.

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6. Celia:

Etruscan proceeds Everything (September) and from Latin caelium; which means “heaven”.

7. Luna:

Derived from Latin Moon, Lucina’s contraction, and means “shine” or “illuminate.”

8. Gala:

Russian name meaning “calm”.

9. Fatima:

Of Arab origin, it means “unique”.

10. Adele:

Of Lebanese origin which means “equity and justice”.

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11. Amelia:

Variant of Amalia; its meaning is “work”.

12. Greta:

Germanic diminutive of “Margarita”, name of Greek origin that means “pearl”.

13. Island:

Of Scottish origin, it comes from the island Islay, in the Inner Hebrides; means “the queen of Hebrides”.

14. Maya:

It means “illusion” in Sanskrit. In the Buddhist tradition, this is the name of the Buddha’s mother.

15. white:

Basque name, means “white”.

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16. Order:

It means “art, virtue and grace” in Sanskrit.

17. There are:

Of Hebrew origin, it is diminutive of Adela and Adelina, and means “adornment, beauty.”

18. Africa:

Of Greek origin which means “warm, exposed to the sun”.

19. Carlota:

Of Germanic origin, it is the female version of Karl, which translates as strong or powerful.

20. Daphne:

It is derived from the Greek “laurel”, and means “victory”.

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21. Diana:

It can have a double meaning: “The one that gives light” or “of divine nature”, and is of Latin origin.

22. Emma:

The German Ermin comes, which means “whole, universal”.

23. Esther:

The name of Hebrew origin comes from the goddess Istar, which means “star, celestial star”.

24. Gemma:

Of Latin origin, which means “precious stone”.

25. Joana:

Catalan name for Juana, which means “faithful to God”.

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26. Laila:

Name of Catalan origin, it is the diminutive of Eulalia, which means “the one who speaks well”.

27. Leyre:

Leire or Leyre has its origin in the Latin word legionaire, Which means “legionary”.

28. Mireia:

Of Occitan origin, it means “admirable” or “wonderful”.

29. Nerea:

Derived from the Greek thunderous, which means “the one that swims in the sea”.

30. Noelia:

From French Noël, which means “Christmas”.

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31. Penelope:

It means “the one who weaves”, alluding to the wife of Ulysses in Greek mythology.

32. Susana:

It means “lotus flower”, although in its Hebrew root it refers to “joy”.

33. Úrsula:

From Latin bear, ursus, which means “bear”.

34. Valentina:

It is the feminine of Valentin, which means “vigorous, healthy.” It is of Latin origin.

35. Vanessa:

Of English origin, the name was created by Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels, as a nickname for his girlfriend.

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36. Xana:

The name comes from the Greek and means “blond” or “yellow”. It is the equivalent of Juana.

37. Xenia:

It means “hospitable” or “solidary”, it is a name of Greek origin commonly used in Greece and Russia.

38. Yolanda:

Of Germanic / Latin origin meaning “land of riches”. It is the Latin version of Violeta, which means “the one that gives joy”.

39. Zoe:

Hebrew name that in the old testament is translated as “life”.

40. Rebecca:

Of Hebrew origin, which means “bond” or “the one that unites”.

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