5 Gifts that dad will appreciate more than a party


Dress up, play tea, let your make-up and hair done, is there something Dad wouldn’t do for his children? Honestly, there is nothing they would not do, because like mom, parents have immense love for their children.

They are real life superheroes, because they are always encouraging us to be better, they help us in all tasks and save us from any situation. Father’s Day is near, and this year we have to celebrate it by being #JuntosEnCasa and with a present for him that is special and unique.

If you still do not have the gift to surprise him, here we leave you some ideas that we found in the Liverpool online store and he will surely like much more than a party.

1. The attire that dad deserves!

Nike clothing you can buy in liverpool

This time at home, nothing better than doing a little physical activation so that Dad can get in shape with the whole family and thus they can have a healthier life at home. However, you need a attire adequate, right? These look You will surely like them and they will also come as a surprise to the front door. You can purchase them with a click here.

2. You will love these sneakers

Nike joyride dual running shoe

Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes that dad can receive; In addition to using them to practice an exercise routine, you can also wear them on a common day. The Nike Joyride Dual Run sneakers have foam microspheres that will provide cushioning to the foot and the necessary adaptation, and their design is very avant-garde; The best thing is that you can buy them here.

3. The best gift for a man? A clock!

Garmin Phoenix 5 Plus watch in black that you can buy in Liverpool

Watches often reflect a man’s personality and style, so they will always be an excellent gift for them. This is the ideal model for dad, because it has a sophisticated color, an incredible design that can adapt to any situation, and also has functions that will help you control your exercise routines, music, training days and its effectiveness. You can buy it with a simple click in the Liverpool online store.

4. A bicycle to exercise at home

Stationary spinning bike you can buy in Liverpool

One of the best investments you can make for Dad is to buy him a yarnBecause it will allow you to have an exercise routine while at home, it will keep you fit and you will be able to activate yourself in the best way. The great thing about shopping online is that you don’t have to go out. You can acquire it by giving click here.

5. And to measure progress …

Liverpool Digital Weighing Scale

These simple gadgets can help dad measure the lost kilograms to know if he is in good health; In addition, they will give you a little motivation to continue exercising. You can buy it at this link.

You already know, Dad will be happy with some of these gifts now that they are #JuntosEnCasa and, above all, he is preparing to resume his routine in this new normal. Order them super easy at Liverpool.com.mx

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