5 Simple tips to SURVIVE the school year and not die trying


We know that school has many challenges, from getting up early, making friends, learning new subjects that you knew nothing about and, without a doubt, studying is a topic that can cause you more tedium because perhaps, as a child, you have been taught that studying must be monotonous to be effective.

This could not be further from reality, because monotony can lead to laziness and you will only be looking for any excuse to distract yourself and forget about it. So it is important that you know some recommendations to make the most of your time and that the time of studying becomes more pleasant and effective.

I study, I think about studying and then I study more

1. Dividing study time prevents you from becoming saturated

Girl tired of studying

You tend to procrastinate, that is, leave everything for later, because you see study as an endless task, in the end this affects you because you end up studying under stress late at night or, even, in the truck going to school. Divide your studies by subject and assign a schedule to each of them. Take into account that some research estimates that the maximum average concentration time is 20 minutes.

2. The association technique

I can not, I must study

This technique will be useful for when you have to memorize long or strange words, number series, lists or complicated concepts. You must relate these words, numbers, listings or concepts with other words or phrases. A good association has to be absurd to grab your attention, have emotional content to awaken some feeling in you and be dynamic, so you will include actions and movement.

3. Rewarding yourself is fine

Rewarding you is fine

It is normal for the human to work looking for a reward (he works to earn money, he studies to get good grades). Between each topic you can take advantage of the breaks you established to reward yourself with some food, but not just any, but the fruit is recommended. And it is that your brain consumes too much energy and burns too many calories when processing new information. Recharging batteries is best!

4. Make information fun

Hundred years of loneliness memes

Your brain likes new and fun things, which means that to more easily retain any information you must make studying a fun task. Maybe you think this is impossible, after all, what’s fun? Act like the teacher who asked her students to create memes from One hundred years of solitude.

5. Explain the lesson to someone else

Kimmy Schmidt at school

Explaining to another person in your own words the lesson you have reviewed is probably one of the most valuable tips, since it will give you two great advantages: review verbally for better assimilation and self-evaluate to detect points that you thought you learned, but they follow you giving some problems. And as an extra benefit if it is an exhibition, it will help you to get off your nerves when you have to pass in front of your colleagues.

Don’t let the studio give you a headache and make the most of the review hours!

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