5 types of heels that are perfect for short girls


For short girls there are no better allies than heels, they are the accessories of choice to stylize their figure and look even more beautiful and elegant. There are hundreds of heels on the market, but there are five types that are best suited to highlight your attributes and further enhance your body type.

If this is your case and you need a few centimeters more from time to time, take note with these perfect heels for you. You will look like a whole diva!

1. Heels naked

Nude heels

The shoes nakedIn addition to being discreet and combining with everything, they give an optical illusion that your leg is much longer. Being almost the same shade as your skin, that’s the impression it gives. Never miss a chance to have a couple of these in your closet.

They keep everything

Blonde girl with jeans, white blouse and nude heels

Office, parties, weddings … They are a basic that you must have.

2. Wedge type

Wedge heels

Wedges are the absolute queens of comfort and style; they look very romantic and being open they are also very fresh. Its wide heel allows you to wear them daily without getting tired, so they are perfect for short girls looking for a little more height without sacrificing pain at their feet.

The tender touch you are looking for

Girl in long floral skirt and white blouse with wedge heels

The perfect option for the newspaper or to go out for coffee or ice cream.

3. Platforms

White platform shoes

The platforms look very sensual, they greatly lengthen the legs, and if you use them with Shorts your legs will look long and stylish. It seems that they are too tired to walk with them; however, the platform is just what it does: trick the eye. If you are wearing 12cm heels but the hidden platform measures 3, then you are really just walking in beautiful 9cm heels. Math, girls.

They bring height but they don’t tire you

Girl in purple blouse and black pants with platform heels

They look stylish in black, perfect for a casual daytime event.

4. pump

Light blue pump heels

It is one of the most classic models. Its shape makes them comfortable and its pointed finish lengthens the figure. Quite a hit for girls who are not very tall.

Totally Elegant

Girl in jeans and white blouse with red pump heels

A pair of these heels is all you need to highlight a attire basic.

5. Sandal with ankle strap

High-heeled sandals with ankle strap

The sandals are cool, comfortable and make you look very sophisticated. As it is a very simple and elegant shoe, your foot and legs seem to be thinner and longer; exposing your foot completely stylizes you.

Do you notice how the foot looks much more defined?

Blonde girl in leopard blouse, black pants and black heeled sandals

Minimalists with a twist glamor.

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