5 ways to go out with your crush without knowing that it is a date


Do you want to go out with your Special person but you don’t know how to have a date with him? It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives and it is completely normal to feel attraction to someone else, so those nerves when that person is close to you or speaks to you are also natural.

But if what you want is to be closer to him but you don’t know how to do it for fear that he will reject you or you simply want to know if he also feels the same way about you, we collect the best tips so you can not only talk to him but also have a date but without him knowing that it is a date, so pay attention and apply the one you like the most.

1. One more ticket

Scene from 500 days with Summer when they go to the cinema

This option is good when there are temporary events in your city (concerts, cultural or artistic events, premiere in the cinema); what you should do is buy two tickets and when it is time to talk to him mention that your best friend or sister hasabandoned but you really want to attend. If he is attentive, he will understand that you want him to go with you. If he does not catch him immediately, you can ask him in a very casual way if he would like to accompany you; make sure it doesn’t seem planned.

2. Party with friends

PLL scene where Spencer introduces her boyfriend to her friends

Ideal for when there is a celebration with school or work colleagues, whether they are your close group of friends or not, what you need to do is simply launch the invitation, mentioning that it will be fun and that you will surely like it, because these people have likes similar to yours. It is important that he feel free and relaxed in the situation, because if not, the party will be very uncomfortable; Also youYou should not seem to always be on top of it, be relaxed but interested in it.

3. Challenge or bet with him

Scene from 13 Reasons Why when Hannah goes out with Zach and have a drink on the pier

This technique works much better if you know that youyou also attract him, so that both benefit; what you can do is bet with it, maybe for some game, contest or game in which independently whoever wins or loses the bet will be a way out, something like “if this team wins you owe me an ice cream, but if you lose I will give it to you I owe to you. ” That way you secure the appointment and he won’t even know that you have “invited” him.

4. Go out in “group of friends”

Scene from You where Joe speaks Annika, friend of Beck

Here it is a little more complicated, but not impossible and it is perfect if it is a group of friends that heGet to know but who does not frequent continuously, but who are your close friends and who can “help” you, so they must be your accomplices, because when youand he is already on the way to the appointment place they must cancel so that in the end only you are left and have a fun time alone.

5. Ask him for help

Boy helping a girl move

Is he good with tools and boy stuff? In a natural and casual way, tell him that you want to make some changes in your room (put a mirror, paint the room, fix something), but that neither you nor your mother know about it and need advice to buy what you need, so although be a different scenario can accompany you to make those purchases, and after that tell him that he is craving ice cream or that you are hungry; in this way you will start an appointment at that very moment. Choose whatthey want to do and spend some time together;In addition to having been with him, you will have obtained what is necessary for your room.

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