6 love rituals to steal your crush’s heart this end of the year


All girls want to start the new year on the right foot, and there is nothing better than doing it with love. If during this 2018 that is ending you did not have much luck, it is time to change the situation, and doing it is easier than you have imagined.

That is why we bring you the six best year-end rituals to get a partner, attract love or fill yourself with good vibes.

1. Attract love with an apple

Caramelized apples

During the night write your full name around an apple, accompanied by your request, for example: “I want to find a partner who loves me, respects me and makes me happy”; then you add honey and finally sprinkle a little cinnamon. Finally you put it on a plate in your room and leave it for seven days.

2. The infallible candle ritual

pastel colored candles

All you need to do is place three candles in the shape of a triangle and light them at precisely 12 o’clock on the first day of the year. The colors to use are red, to ignite love; pink, if you are looking for the ideal love; and white, to heal and maintain a peaceful relationship.

3. Hugs for all

friends hugging

To find love it is necessary to feel it first within us and nothing better than to show it with hugs. Esoteric experts say that one of the easiest ways to attract that special person is by giving hugs, and if it is a stranger much better, so you will be calling new people to come into your life.

4. A glass of water

girl drinking water

Nothing better than starting the new year with a clean heart. To achieve this, fill a glass with water and when you hear the chimes, throw it into the street. In this way you will be saying goodbye to all the tears and negativity that you experienced in the past, which did not allow you to find love.

5. Sexy underwear

girl smiling slightly

The tradition of wearing red underwear on New Years Eve is very popular in different countries. If you want romance to be your goal next year, try wearing a red and gold outfit and you will see romanticism knock on your door.

6. Bathe with honey

jar filled with honey

Honey, in addition to being a powerful exfoliant and moisturizer, is also capable of attracting sweetness and a good vibe to your life. So before starting the New Year celebration, take a rich bath with honey, you can place it on your body and let it act for a few minutes, finally rinse regularly.

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