6 Tips for an exercise routine without having to go to the gym


Having a good physical condition is something that all of us want, but it is also something that between school, work, children and other responsibilities becomes almost impossible to achieve, since we remember that to some extent to achieve all those goals that we physically want we need to have an extra money to pay for the service of the gym and a nutritional adviser.

And in case you do not have that extra income, the most recommended thing is that you create your own fitness plan, this way you can achieve your goals and learn to do things that you really believed were almost impossible.

1. Be disciplined

Woman cooking

First of all, and although it may seem unnecessary, discipline is what will allow you to achieve all your goals. If you do not maintain the will to want to do things, it is useless to make an effort to make a meal plan or plan a weekly exercise routine. So beat procrastination and temptation to see the results.

2. Consultation and investigation

Stethoscope and green apple

Each body is different, so even if you do not want to spend a single weight, that is impossible, since the proper diets are only given by specialists, just like trainers tell you what exercises to do, so at least if you will not go to a gym it is necessary that you go with experts to advise you.

3. Set hours for cooking and exercising

Food prepared for several of the week

Once you have an established diet and a list of exercises that will help you achieve the goal you are looking for, you should establish the times when you will prepare your food and at what time of the day you will exercise; This way you will create a routine and it will be much easier to stick to it and not fail.

4. Do it little by little and without haste

Yovana, youtuber doing exercise

We believe that because a week ago we started with the gym routine and to eat healthy we will notice it immediately, which is not true, since these changes are not noticeable overnight, so it is recommended to start with three exercise days per week and gradually increase, so you can notice the differences and the same with food, gradually eliminate unhealthy foods that harm us and adding those that will make us feel better.

5. Vary your exercises and meals

Ingredients for meal preparation

Has it happened to you that after eating two or three days the same food you start to get bored of it? Something like this happens with our muscles, and clearly also with our mind, because we get bored quickly in the face of the new habits that are trying to establish, so it is recommended that when you establish the schedules you also determine what you will eat and what exercises you will perform; So not only will your muscles, stomach and mind thank you, but your plan will work better and you will feel that you are progressing more and more.

6. Have a stretching routine in physical exercise

Girl doing stretching with garters

Although you do not think it is stretching the muscles is very good, so it is recommended that before and after exercising you have a small stretching routine in which your muscles prepare and relax due to the exercise to be performed; This will also make it easier for you to exercise on the following days.

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