6 Tips to avoid clutter and free up space in your closet; Make room for future outfits!


Having a tidy closet can be a complicated task that can result in a headache because you tend to put everything away, really everything! And, sometimes out of nostalgia or thinking that you will need some clothes for the future because “you are going to lose weight and it will be there soon”, you let the disaster in your wardrobe grow and grow.

Where should you start when you are determined to end the chaos is the question that often has you stuck, but this time we will give you the best tips to start cleaning; but we warn you that you will have to get rid of some clothes, because unless you are Kylie Jenner, they are stealing a lot of space from you.

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1. Stop lying to yourself, if you don’t have those pants left, say goodbye!

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How many times have you said that you will start the diet on Monday and then the next one and the next one? It is common for you to think that by having pants in your wardrobe two sizes smaller than yours you will be forced to lose weight. What a big lie!

2. Even if the clothes fit you but it doesn’t suit you, get rid of them

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Even if you have taken a fondness for a garment and you keep it for mere nostalgia, the best thing is that you throw it or sell it because, realistically, you will never find an opportunity to put it on.

3. It’s time for you to give your sister back her blue sweater

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As much as you think your sister has a great sense of fashion and you want to keep every dress you buy, don’t do it! Borrowing is allowed but you have to pay back what is not yours. You will save yourself problems with your sister and you will not saturate your space.

4. We all have a broken jean that no longer gives of itself

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We all have pants that fascinate us, but putting so much on ends everything broken. The fact that you see too much skin in places where it should not be seen, is a sign that those jeans are already for the trash. It is sad but it is necessary.

5. If you have not used it in the last months you may not like it as much

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Those clothes that you don’t even remember and are at the bottom of the drawers are the ones that most hinder you! Because, the truth, if you do not remember them it is because you neither like them nor make you nostalgic, they are only there to get in the way.

6. And if you really have no idea how to organize yourself, this graph will help you

How to do closet cleaning

The important thing about closet cleaners is getting started. You may find it difficult to throw away, give away and even sell, but it’s always better to get rid of what you don’t need.

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