6 Tips to disinfect your purchases and avoid contagions


The coronavirus came to modify from our work routine to our consumption and cleaning habits. Focusing on cleaning, it is essential to take this practice to the pantry.

It should be noted that so far there is no scientific evidence to prove the spread of Covid-19 through food purchased in supermarkets or self-service stores; however, it is not a subject to be treated lightly, and it is best to clean each of the items in our pantry. Here we share six simple ways to do it.

1. wash your hands

Woman washing her hands with soap and water

Wash your hands before and after cleaning your products. Follow the WHO recommendations, do it for 40 seconds rubbing your hands very well and with plenty of soap.

2. Take advantage of the properties of vinegar

Apple cider vinegar in a glass bottle

You may not know it, but vinegar is a great disinfectant. The best way to use it is to clean your pantry products by mixing 200 ml of vinegar with half a liter of water and soak your fruits, vegetables and packaged food in the mixture for 10 minutes.

Another way to do it is to mix liquid soap, water and vinegar in equal parts, spray the products with the mixture, rub with a sponge and rinse with plenty of water.

3. Don’t forget the chlorine

Girl buying vegetables in the supermarket

Dilute two tablespoons of bleach in a liter of water, soak a sponge with the liquid and start cleaning your food and products.

4. A touch of salt and lemon

Table with salt, lemon and cleaning supplies

If you do not have any of the products already mentioned, another option is mixing the juice of three lemons, two tablespoons of salt and half a liter of water; This way you will get a natural disinfectant to clean your food.

5. Wash your fruits and vegetables

Woman washing fruits and vegetables

The Institute of Ecology (INCEOL) verified that viruses are protected by a layer of fat that breaks on contact with soap molecules, so fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed with soap and water for a minimum period of 20 seconds. In addition, a special sponge must be used; that is, it is not the same sponge with which the dishes are washed.

6. Disinfect containers

Canned food on a kitchen table

In the case of packaged, packaged or canned products it is necessary to clean the packaging either with soap and water, disinfectant with 70% alcohol or with sanitizing wipes.

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