7 Golden Rules that every girl should apply when wearing heels


A sexy girl is confident, smart, knows what she wants, knows how to dress and, of course, knows how to wear heels like no one else. For other girls, heels are not indispensable or their favorites, and that is totally fine; everyone wears the clothes that make them feel comfortable.

If what you want is to learn to have more security when walking in heels like a whole femme fatale, then you need to read these tips that we have prepared for you. Follow them to the letter and soon you will feel totally sexy and spectacular.

1. Make them your size

Glitter rose gold heels

Please! Never go out in heels that are too wide or too small, or do you imagine being for several hours enduring the discomfort of a shoe damaging your foot? Or the pain of walking and having your heel come off? Not! Always measure your shoes until you find one that you feel good about.

2. Walk with confidence

Curvy girl with jeans and blouse and red shoes

Once you have good heels suitable for you, now you need to wear them with a lot of attitude; step into your role as Jessica Rabbit. How did she do it? The back is straight, shoulders back, bust forward and looking forward, wham!

3. Combine properly

Brunette girl with colored blouse, jeans and light heels

Learn how to combine colors well or you will look too extravagant. If you are wearing a very colorful blouse, then opt for neutral heels to look sophisticated and more stylish.

4. Yes to high boots

Slim girl in green long sweater with black high boots and beige backpack

High boots give that sensual touch when we wear short dresses and make the legs look long and thick. Do you need another excuse to have yours?

5. Give straps a chance

Curvy girl with blue blouse and jeans

Nothing more sensual than strap heels; your legs look longer and your feet will stay cool without losing style. The best way to wear this type of footwear is with dresses, Shorts or tight pants.

6. United States Animal footprint

Woman with black outfit and animal print heels

A garment that screams “Look at me, I’m very sexy!” is the animal print, But don’t abuse! Wear only one garment in all your attire with this print; remember that it is only to highlight or give a chic touch to your Look. In shoes it is an excellent option.

Become pedicure

Woman's feet with pedicure

What good is a good attitude, nice clothes and beautiful heels if your feet don’t look good? Always have your nails trimmed. It is not necessary to go to the aesthetic, at home you can file your feet, color your nails and do some massages.

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