7 routines to mark abdomen and reduce waist


Do you need a little motivation to shape your body at home? Nothing better than an entertaining and above all efficient routine made by experts in the field to achieve your goal. Sometimes exercising at home is not so striking; surely you want to go out to a park or go to the gym a little to clear your mind of the house and work, but when the possibilities do not allow it, we can always go to the internet for a bit of help.

These routines are extraordinary to start working on that waist and abdomen that you love so much. Do you dare to do them all? You can do one per week or alternate every day, the secret is consistency.

1. 10 days to notice a favorable change

2. Effective exercises in time intervals

3. The abs can also be done standing up!

4. A mat and hands, or rather, waist to work …

5. 9 minutes of focused exercises

6. Do only what you can at the beginning

7. The exercises with a stick are spectacular

And if you want better results …

Woman with narrow waist


  • Embedded
  • Fats like butter, bacon, cheeses
  • Sweets and bread
  • Fast food


  • Water consumption
  • Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and squash
  • Meats like tuna, chicken, and salmon
  • your
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