7 style rules to avoid going from casual to misaligned


Women always look for comfort first and foremost, but we also want to look glamorous because at the end of the day, that’s what balance in fashion is all about. However, there is a fine line between dressing casual and looking very plump.

You have to learn to handle each garment so that you always look amazing even if you are wearing tennis shoes. For this reason we leave you 7 rules to never lose the glamor and fall into the conformity of fashion.

1. Always comfortable but never scruffy

Girl wearing a pants with sandal top and heels

The house clothes are delicious, but they are not for going out. If you have to go somewhere and don’t want to change your tracksuit, the best way to use it is with a top, a denim jacket and, believe it or not, with high sandals.

2. T-shirts with holes will never be in trend

Kylie Jenner wearing a sweater with different holes

We know that Kardashians sometimes wear blouses or sweaters with holes, but as much as they try to turn them into a fashion, the truth is that even they look bad wearing them. It is best to leave them at home for those days when you have to do a deep cleaning, because the holes, the discolored and dull is not sexy at all.

3. The Athletics is not the same as going in pants to the office

Girl wearing leggings, tennis shoes and a cardigan with white blouse

Fashion Athletics combine sportswear with garments Elegant like leather jackets, runners with heels or dresses with tennis shoes. The pants They were designed for exercise and that’s when you have to wear them and nothing else.

4. Always think about a little makeup

Girl using mascara on eyelashes

If you are going to be at home just watching movies and resting freely, then the ideal is not to wear a drop of makeup, so you let your skin rest and make it feel better. But if the plan is to go out and you don’t want to produce too much, at least bring a little mascara to make your eyes pop.

5. Do not abuse loose clothing

Girl wearing baggy pants with a crop top and heels

Baggy with baggy is not a winning combination. You can wear your boyfriend’s shirts combined with tight jeans OR Shorts, but never with pants huge. If so, better wear it as pajamas.

6. Always use basic is not synonymous with disaster

Girl wearing plaid pants with black blouse and white tennis shoes

The basics can always save us when we don’t want a Sight very elaborate, the key is to mix different colors or textures so it doesn’t look too saturated or too boring.

7. Your favorite clothes are not uniform

Girl wearing different outfits

We all have that favorite combination of garments that we always turn to, but you don’t have to wear it once or twice a week. Ideally, let it rest for a bit. There are more clothes that can make you see Elegant, you just have to learn to combine them and take love from them.

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