8 morning squats that will make your glutes firmer


Sometimes we put exercise aside because we believe that we do not have enough time to practice it, but we must remember that it is always important to carry out a routine of at least 10 or 15 minutes so that our body does not feel atrophied.

Practicing a routine in the morning is ideal because it helps us to have a fantastic figure. In addition, it helps our body feel much better. These squats will help you to have those firm buttocks that you want so much and also to move your body to become a more active and energetic girl.

1. Classic squat

Girl doing a classic squat

Sometimes the most classic is what works best. We should not underestimate this type of squat because it is just as effective as any other. Also, you can do it for a few minutes in the morning and that’s it. To do it you need to put your feet shoulder width apart, with a straight back, a contracted abdomen and slightly bent knees. Lower your hips little by little to the height of your knees, then take a short pause and return to the starting position. You can raise your arms to create stability.

2. Sumo squat

Girl doing a sumo squat with a French dumbbell

This type of squat gets its name because the posture is very similar to what sumo wrestlers do. Unlike the previous one, you have to open your legs a little more and keep your back very straight and then go down little by little. You can add weight with a dumbbell or kettlebell for best results.

3. Deep squat

Girl doing a deep squat

With the deep squat we exceed 90 ° and descend almost to the ground to perform the exercise. To do it you have to be in the classic position, with your feet shoulder-width apart and all that we have said in point 1. Then gradually lower your hips to below the height of your knees, do a brief pause and return to the starting position.

4. Globet Squat

Girl doing a globet squat with a dumbbell

This squat is very similar to the deep squat, but the only difference is that you have to use a kettlebell to add a little weight and develop maximum strength in your legs and glutes. Follow the steps of the classic squat, but now attach a weight to your chest and slowly lower yourself into a squat with your back straight, then pause and return to your starting position.

5. Jump squat

Girl doing an explosive squat

This squat combines the deep squat, but at the time of climbing, a small jump is added. With it you can activate your metabolism and firm your buttocks.

6. Pump squat

Girl doing a deep squat

This is also very similar to the deep squat, with the only difference being that you will have to go up and down right away without pausing. With 20 repetitions in 3 series is more than enough.

7. Squat with lunge

Girl doing a squat

Get into the classic position and then lower as you normally would, but when you come up, one of your legs should go back and then return to the center. When doing another, switch feet.

8. One leg squat

Girl doing a squat with one leg

This type of squat is one of the most demanding but also very effective because it involves the movement of all the muscles and generates more elasticity. To start you have to do half squat and as you get more strength, then you can stretch one leg and then the other when going down.

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