8 Tips to start exercising and not quit


All of us would like to have the will and discipline to exercise on a daily and constant basis, and thus lose those extra pounds that bother us so much.

But the truth is that between work, school and other responsibilities, it is very difficult for us to make it a habit. Therefore, we want to give you some tips that you must put into practice to improve on it.

1. Define what exercising is for you

Women exercising

This may seem a bit ambiguous, but the truth is that you must define it very well, what is it for you to exercise? It could be going for a walk, swimming, running, weight training, classes of yarn, yoga, among many more options.

2. Choose which sport you want to practice

Girl practicing yoga

Once you have defined what it is to exercise for you, you must choose what activity you want to do to exercise, but also pay attention to this part, because it may be that what your best friend has worked for is not the same thing that fascinates you..

It could be that you have tried doing aerial dance, Pilates or TRX and you hated them, so define what activity you want to try and start little by little.

3. Start at the bases

Girls doing exercises on yoga mat
You are about to start doing something new, so don’t get frustrated if the gym goes to girls who carry double or triple the weight of you. Do not want to do exercises that force your muscles to the limit, because the only thing you will achieve is hurt yourself and you will put aside your attempt to make a new habit.

The best thing you can do is start from scratch, always with the help of a professional and make sure that everything you do is with the necessary measures so that no area of ​​your body is damaged.

4. Eat healthy

Bread with avocado, tomato and boiled egg

The only way your body will continue to work in the best way so that you can continue exercising is if you eat well, so do not follow diets of your best friend or your mother. Ideally, you go to a specialist and he or she will tell you what type of diet you should take.

5. Choose healthy rewards

Smottie bowl of red berries

It goes without saying that exercising gives you many rewards, both physical and emotional, as it is a good way to free yourself from stress. But beyond that, what you should do is look for a healthy reward.

Having a hamburger after exercise is not the same as preparing your favorite healthy dinner, so try new healthy recipes that you will love.

6. Listen to what your body tells you

Girl doing exercise outdoors

Your body is wise, and although you may not believe it, it is who tells you what it wants and at what time, both at the moment of doing some exercise and in eating and resting moments, so learn to listen to it.

7. See a physical therapist

Girl doing jumping exercises

It is normal that when we begin to exercise we have knots in the muscles, but they must be eliminated by performing the necessary stretches and warm-ups. However, in case these are increasingly annoying, it is recommended that you go to a specialist and check you, to avoid muscle damage.

8. Don’t blame the holidays

Pancake with nuts

Neither Christmas nor New Year, nor your birthday or any other holiday is to blame for our not taking care of ourselves; on the contrary, any of those holidays should be taken as goals to achieve a goal in our advancement with the exercise.

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