8 Ways to improve your sleeping hours; know your biological clock, are you an owl or a lark?


You wake up without the desire to speak, lacking energy and, instead, your best friend first thing eats the world with her strength; You feel more inspired by work in the middle of the afternoon than in the morning, and you don’t understand why your humor is sometimes unpredictable.

Your discouragement is not due to a vitamin deficiency, nor to hidden depression or lack of interest. Actually everything has to do with the way you sleep and your biological clock, which is responsible for setting on time to your body. So if you want to make better use of your energy and time, you should follow some tips that will help you get the best out of yourself.

1. Discover your biological clock

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If you’re concerned about how much and when you need to sleep, do a simple self-assessment. Take advantage of a week of vacation to hear What time does the body ask you to go to bed and get up, and record it in your sleep agenda.

2. Go to bed, you have to rest!

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Sleeping at night is health. Your body is programmed for those hours to increase melatonin, a hormone that sends the message of chemical darkness to all the cells of the body to start the “rest and repair” mode.

After a bad night, you pay 50 percent less, your memory is affected and you feel sad. Other studies assure that being more than 15 days without sleep leads you … to madness!

3. Party at night?

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Sleeping at night and not doing it in tune with nature can cause illness. “There is a higher incidence of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, affective disorders, sleep disturbances or aging,” says Ángeles Rod, researcher at Cronolab.

And it is that the internal clocks stop synchronizing at the moment when there are no regular routines of food, exercise and the alternation of natural light and darkness fails.

4. Control your mood swings

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Emotional instability due to premenstrual syndrome that causes anxiety, irritability, pain, or the desire to eat something sweet is effectively treated with just sleeping eight hours a day. It also works if you have seasonal affective syndrome, a type of winter depression associated with long winter nights and a lack of light.

5. Practice exercise at an appropriate time

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A study conducted among rugby players who ran daily showed that when they did at night, the center of sleep or deep sleep shifted from four in the morning to seven, and they got up more tired. On the other hand, when they went to run at nine in the morning, their biological rhythms were adequate. So avoid intense sports like crossfit, boxing or buzz starting at 9pm.

6. Lose more by just sleeping

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Be orderly in your meal times. The metabolic and digestive clocks are responsible for preparing the digestion and metabolism of nutrients; however, when this routine is advanced or delayed, the organism does not foresee it and does not function properly.

7. Take a moment for intimacy

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In young men, testosterone peaks between six and nine in the morning – that’s when your desire is strongest. In contrast, in women, pleasure hormones are triggered later. The solution to this is to sleep well, relax and enjoy the morning with your partner.

8. Enjoy your new life!

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In the morning: go to the bathroom, the intestine works better at this time of day; at 10 hours cortisol and adrenaline are secreted; heart rate and blood pressure are high – it’s the star time to focus.

At noon it is time to eat carbohydrates, because thanks to the insulin level they are metabolized well. Later, at five o’clock, elasticity and strength increase: is it time for yoga? At nine o’clock the melatonin rises: time to put yourself in off.

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