9 Foods that children under 2 should not eat


There are foods that should not be consumed by children, as they can affect their development or cause illness. Infants have a small stomach and that is why experts recommend giving them foods that contain nutrients that allow them to grow up healthy and strong, avoiding empty calories.

If you have a little one of two years or younger at home, take note of the food that you should not give him …

1. Fried foods

Children under the age of two should not eat potato chips

French fries, nachos, cheese fingers and nuggets contain a large amount of oil.

2. Salt

Salt hurts children

It is harmful to the development of the kidneys.

3. Spinach and Swiss chard

Spinach is prohibited for children under one year

Nutrition experts affirm that these vegetables should not be consumed by children under one year because of nitrates (chemical compounds that can be toxic).

4. Sugar

Soda harms children under two years

It can cause childhood obesity and addiction.

5. Sausage, pepperoni or sausages

Sausages are bad for children

They have high levels of salt and fat.

6. Nuts

Dried fruits are dangerous for children

Being difficult for children to swallow, choking can occur.

7. Honey

Child of about one year eating honey from bee

Before 18 months it can generate nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and in cases that complicate, paralysis.

8. Soft drinks or sugary drinks

Little girl drinking from a glass of coke

Due to their high sugar and caffeine content, they can irritate the stomach of children and cause tooth problems.

9. Tuna and fish

Little girl about to eat tuna

It contains a high level of mercury and can be toxic for children.

Of the mentioned foods, a large part are harmful to children under two years of age due to their high sugar content, one of the causes of childhood obesity. According to the World Health Organization, this disease is suffered by 41 million children from zero to five years of age in the world and by 2025 the figure is expected to reach 70 million.

Obese children are more likely to develop health problems in adulthood, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Early diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis (a disease that affects the joints)
  • Some types of cancer
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