Basic guide to choosing the right bra without failing


The bras go unnoticed, that is a reality, but it is necessary to choose the right one so that your back and breasts do not get hurt and so that you attire stand out, but especially so you don’t feel uncomfortable all day.

How do we know what is the correct size and model? We have to admit that very few of us know which is the ideal and the cup that best fits us, but to clarify all the doubts, here is a small guide so that you know which bras fit you best and which suit certain garments.

What is the correct size?

To choose the correct size it is necessary that you know your body, because remember that not all are the same. First you have to know what your contour is, this is the circumference that is measured under your bust. The bra has to be adjusted to the chest but not so tight, so that you can breathe comfortably.

The straps should not leave marks on the shoulders; if after five minutes of use they appear, then regulate the measure and release them a little.

It is important that you move to make sure that it is not too tight, raise your arms and turn your back to make sure that your breasts do not come out under the armpits.

How to choose the right glass?

The cups are the volume of the bust, that is, the size of your breasts. They are identified with letters from A to double D, in which the first is the smallest and the last is the largest size. The cup should not press on the breasts. To choose your appropriate size measure it with different sizes of bras, and make sure that there is no space between the front and the breasts, they do not have to come out in the part of the armpits.

T-shirt bra

These types of bras are the most basic and special for garments such as blouses or shirts that have no neckline.


When you have to wear a thin straps or bare shoulders garment then you need a strapless, so that it is not visible. This type of bra is a kind of cups that only help to enhance your breasts.


The balconette They are ideal to wear with blouses, shirts and light dresses. Unlike the T-shirtThese have a medium cup so you can show off pronounced necklines.

Sports bra

Yes, you also require a special bra to exercise. This type of models is designedto hold your bust so you can jump, run or do any sporting activity without your breasts moving; They are also quite comfortable since they do not have rods or cups.


This type of bra is very similar to strapless, but with the small difference that it does not have cups or rods that are marked on the clothes. They can also be used as blouses and they are very comfortable.


The bralette they are one of the sexiest undergarments. In addition to being very comfortable, they can also be used as blouses to give a plus to your suits. Your lace designs will enchant you.

Push up

If you want a lift on your bust, then this type of bras is for you. They have a kind of sponges that help lift your breasts and bring them together; They are ideal to show a pronounced neckline and obtain a Look shocking.

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