Bold ideas for 4 spicy kitchen classics


Name is Grill skewers, home baked loaf, juicy meatballs or crispy-fluffy potato pancakes – a few dishes are real kitchen classics that every foodie knows and loves from childhood or from his own everyday cooking. What this All-rounders from the kitchen but often missing after all this time? Correct: Bold ideasthat finally give them new spice again. No problem – come here 4 secret ingredientswith which you can easily reinvent your favorite recipes:

Bold idea 1: Marinate chicken with dressing

Would you like a barbecue with a crisp salad, but not for unnecessary leftovers in the opened dressing bottle? No problem! Our Bold idea for grill skewers: Marinate your chicken too with creamy Honey mustard dressingbefore it lands on the grate to sizzle! So there is delicious salad and juicy meat on the plate, instead of leftovers in the fridge. To the recipe

Bold idea 2: Bake bread with yeast and vinegar

You think baking bread is complicated? Wrong thought! Forget sourdough and swing with ours Bold idea to the bakery: Bake with yeast and apple cider vinegar crispy-fluffy Whole grain bread very easy at home. It tastes best freshly baked from the oven with a creamy avocado dip. A little tip: the dip is also happy about a sip Vinegar for the fruity acidity. To the recipe

Bake bread with yeast and vinegar

Bold idea: bake bread with yeast and vinegar

Bold idea 3: Roast meatballs with gherkins

Here it is up to the meatballs! Grab your spatula and compete with Grandma on the frying pan. Our Bold idea reveals a trick for homemade meatballs that even grandma does not know: spicy Gherkins in the hack mass and creamy Mustard sauce, seasoned with a dash of cucumber stock. Grandma can still see something. To the recipe

Meatballs with gherkins and mustard sauce

Meatballs with gherkins and mustard sauce

Bold idea 4: bake potato pancakes with pickled cucumbers

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside … this is how every foodie knows and loves his potato pancakes. What has always been lacking so far reveals ours Bold idea:: gherkins and a shot Cucumber stock in the potato mass for the extra portion of seasoning. On top of it there is a big blob of herb curd, crunchy rocket and more Pickle. To the recipe

Potato pancakes with pickled cucumbers and herb curd

Potato pancakes with pickled cucumbers and herb curd

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