Find out if short hair is for you with this simple rule


Are you two seconds away from cutting your hair this quarantine? Short manes are surely the most common hair this season. Before closing cycles and running through the scissors, take into account this trick so that you know if short hair favors you or not, so you will leave doubts before doing something you regret.

The famous British stylist John Frieda, recognized worldwide for his hairdressing companies and his hair products, did a little experiment with which he verified that the angle of the chin determines if long hair is an option for you.

And what does this experiment consist of?


Just take the ruler vertically and the pencil horizontally, then position yourself in front of the mirror. The ruler is placed where your ear begins and the pencil under your chin. Check the measurement that resulted between that space.


5.7 cm ruler to see if you have short hair (3)

If it appears more than 5.7 cm, short hair is not the best for you. On the contrary, if it appears less than 5.7 cm, then you will be very favored with manes and goblins

Do you dare to do the test?

Brunette girl with pixie hair

Remember, regardless of the outcome, you are free to try and make changes to Look you want in your hair. This is not an imposition, just a recommendation.

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